Ask anyone that you may know on how to survive a breakup, and for sure, you will get the same answer from all of them. Break-up is very hard and painful from both sides. There is no exception from it and everyone must undergo the terrible situation.

All of your friends will tell you to simply move on and eventually you will get over it. However, we can’t deny the fact that the ending of a relationship is one of the worst things for someone to do. So how to survive a breakup? Below are the five best things that girls must do after a breakup.


1. Spying is a big no-no.

Spying is one of the worst things to do after the breakup, so delete him from your friends list in Facebook or Twitter, including his e-mail in your chat list. You don’t want a constant reminder of him every time you go online and may help you get away from committing the act.