Is it possible to be good friends with an ex? When you say lover it has different meanings and each one is different from another. However in my opinion if it’s a person who spent most of the time with an individual primarily based on shared values, healthy emotions and ideas and had a great relationship with, friendship is without a doubt possible even if they are miles apart.

Being friends with an ex – is it possible?

This is true for the reason that every single relationship grows as time passes by. If the two people involved shared a similar level of understanding when they were still lovers, this aspect of relationship can be used to create a more stable friendship. However, when the breakup is caused by some serious issues like infidelity from either side, establishing friendship isn’t possible at all.

being friends with an exThere is always something sexual whenever a guy and a girl relate to one another. Though it may be small but still it is present. You probably won’t know it at some point and most of the times, you usually control this attraction. However if you’re friends with an ex, it is much simpler to fully understand and admit this attraction because you have already experienced this before. In most cases, a person may go through this kind of attraction a lot more than the other but in either case it is easier to talk it through because we both have the same level of comfort. In any relationship, communication is always the basis.

If for instance, you and your ex have a new partners of your own, it’s still important to have a healthy communication. What I believe is that for every new relationship to become successful, you must not conceal the past to your new partner. When attempting to be friends with your ex, you must not do things and then hide it to your present boyfriend or girlfriend.

Also, when being friends with an ex, you must deal with the amount of attention that you give to your present lover and to your ex. There will come a time that your current partner may get insecure but who cares, were all insecure after all about a lot of things in our own lives. For instance, people usually give up their own careers for their relationship. So it is important to either talk these things to your present partner or risk the friendship you have with your ex.

At times, your ex might be a platonic friend who constantly talks about the current relationship or a master that can relate nicely with your present lover. Well, this all boils down to the various levels of awareness that a lot of folks display. The characters within your lover, your friend and yourself will play based on each person’s position within the respective relationship.

But they really don’t think that perspectives can change based on a gender. It always comes down to what you believe in what’s right and what’s wrong. If in case the person has already had the same upbringing (though it can be rare), he or she will most probably emote, react instantly in some situations, and deal with problems exactly like you would.

So can you still be friends with an ex? I guess the answer to that is yes when both of you had shared a healthy relationship based on values and no if you had a terrible experience with your ex.