Time. Time is the essence of every one’s life. We know how fast time flies: it’s hard to balance work, kids, & personal time with your husband or wife, and often, it’s your spouse that gets the short end of the stick. Luckily, there are ways to slip off together and reconnect – you don’t have to take a week long vacation together in order to re-kindle romance.

sweet coupleHere are five fun & fancy dates for couples to re-ignite the spark that existed before all the distractions came along:

  • A Trip to a Live Theater Event

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area that offers many live shows, this can be a perfect escape for you and your spouse. It is fun and slightly unnerving to dress up and discuss the opera, symphony or ballet. Putting yourselves out of your comfort zones can make a big difference in how you look at and treat each other – especially if your comfort zone is sweat pants. Take the time to really dress up for your significant other, even if he or she has seen you every day for years. If you can’t afford expensive new duds, shop around for mens suits for sale and off-season dresses ahead of time. Buying clothes (and tickets!) weeks in advance can save you lots of cash – just because the date is fancy doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. Make sure that you choose something that you both will enjoy seeing and the number of debates and lively conversations the event will spark will amaze you.

  • A Wine Tasting Tour

You do not need to be a wine tasting expert to enjoy an afternoon of vineyard hopping. All you need is an open mind and a sense of fun. Also, unlike the live theatre date, there is no need to find buy a new suit or dress. Though it’s fun and fancy, wine tastings are casual, relaxed events. There is nothing like a glass of wine to help you both unwind & let the conversation flow. And learning new things about the world can also help you learn new things about each other.

  • Going to the Zoo

The zoo is not just for kids! Lots of couples are taking treks to the zoo for a memorable date. For more adventure, many zoos are offering night-time tours and overnight stays. It can be romantic and whimsical to spend the night on your own personal safari. Many zoos also offer benefits for being members like brunches and fundraising galas that can quench for thirst for elegance and romance.

  • Salsa Dancing

If the two of you are feeling pretty fun and flirty (and you can convince your husband or boyfriend to agree to it), salsa dancing is a must. Many dance centers offer classes that last for a month or two. It would give you a chance to kick up your heels and have a weekly date with your mate, not to mention the benefits of a great aerobic workout. The physicality of the activity can also be an added bonus – there’s a good chance you’ll see your spouse in a whole new light after they get the hang of these sexy moves.

  • Picnic

Combining beautiful surroundings and sumptuous food is the gold standard of fun & fancy dating – with a modest price tag. A plaid blanket, lobster, and champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert can be a great complement to the grass, trees and view. Throw in music (from battery powered CD players or MP3 speakers) and you have a date to remember, without the restaurant price.

Remember: any date is fun as long as you are together and bring your sense of adventure! But if you’d like a change of pace, you and your spouse will both appreciate a little creativity, a little romance, and a little time that’s only yours. A little planning goes a long way.