Without a doubt, wedding is one of the most memorable and celebrated occasion of someone’s life. To make the event more extravagant, certain traditions are being followed like the wedding cake, wedding dress and so on. However in today’s society, not all couples follow traditional wedding ceremonies. They want to make their wedding as personal and as unique as possible and a great way to do this is by creating personalized wedding vows.

Normally, couples don’t have many words to say during the wedding ceremony. But these days, it is just so easy to personalize and influence the things that someone would like to say during the wedding. Having a unique and personal wedding vow will add an extra effect to make it more touching and memorable for everyone. They do this by adding feelings and personalized messages into the wedding vows.

Get in touch with the officiant in advance and talk with them.

personalized wedding vowsIt’s important to see first and talk with your officiant to know the guidelines and legalities when it comes to drafting your personal wedding vows. Normally, they will give some pointers as well as examples to assist you in creating your own vows. At the same time, they will tell you the parts of the vow that needs to be expressed during the wedding ceremony.

What topics to include?

When drafting your own wedding vow don’t forget to include promises like “I’ll promise to…” Or you may add some intimate messages for one another, or even plans and hopes for the future as a married couple and so on. If you want to mix things up to add some spice into your wedding vows, you may do so. Please keep in mind that a wedding vow is not a novel – it must be short to recite though rules may differ from culture to culture. Make it short and direct to the point yet meaningful.

Create the final draft make it official.

Right after making a draft of your personal wedding vow, it’s advisable to have a meeting again with the officiant and let them read your vow’s draft. Though it is your decision in the end that will be followed, it is still recommended to have the officiant advice as they have been perfected by experience and they can give you some useful advice to your vow.

Don’t forget to practice.

Make sure you practice first your vows before the wedding. Though it’s not a compulsory, having a well practiced, heartfelt version of your own wedding vow will surely make a lasting impact not just to your partner but to the people attending the wedding ceremony as well. As said before, make it short as long vows will make it more difficult to memorize and inconvenient to others during the ceremony.

To your performance.

Always remember to make yourself calm at all times when you’re about to recite your vows. Those who are tense usually speak too fast during the wedding ceremony and because one of the most important parts of the wedding is delivering the wedding vow, you may want to take your time reciting it.

Relax yourself so if in case you may forget a line from your vow, at least you may be able to come up with something from your heart. Also, if you’re comfortable of having a written version of your vow, you can take it with you during the exchange and read it with emotions.

So I’m wishing you all the best on your wedding day and may the words coming from your wedding vows hold its ground for the rest of your married life.

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