dating 101Every relationship starts with dating (if not all, mostly). It is considered a form of courtship, wherein two people spend time together doing social activities in an effort to know each other and assess each other’s suitability.

For many couples, dating becomes a weekly or an occasional routine. Some couples go out on a movie date every weekend. Meanwhile, those celebrating a special occasion such as anniversary will likely have a fine dining. Dating could be an essential ingredient to keep the spark in a relationship.

Date does not really imply lavishness or extravagance. Couples do not need to spend thousands of bucks just to have a perfect date (or you may if you have enough money). Basically, there are many venues that are ideal for dating. But if you are on lookout to have a unique kind of date, choosing your home is the most suitable option. Don’t panic. Yes, picking your home as a venue for your date might require a little time to prepare; but it will be worth it.

Still not convince why home is a perfect dating venue? Here are some advantages you should realize:

Dating 101: Why your home is the perfect setting for a date

  • Cost-efficient – Choosing your home as venue for your date will not cost you much money. Let’s admit it. Spending a romantic date in a restaurant will likely demand you to shell out a considerable amount of money. In a fancy restaurant, you need to pay for expensive fees – food and ambiance. On the contrary, you will just have to exert a little effort to make your home romantic if you want to bring your date here.

Instead of paying for expensive restaurant food, you can just buy the food you want. In case you want to show off some kitchen skills, you can cook your  food – wherein you can impress your date. Additionally, you will be able to save money on gas and waiter tips.

  • More Private Venue – You go out on a date to spend time with that special someone, alone! Thus, you would want to be in a private place. Being in a restaurant might give you a good place to dine and maybe, a quiet place to talk. But if you want more privacy, home is the place to be. Given that you are living alone, you will have more private time together. In a public place, there are other people who could be distractions.

Meanwhile, home is a more private venue where you two can have fun and converse whatever you want without minding if you might disturb other people or you will be disturbed. In short, you will have a world on your own at home.

  • Different Activities to Do – When talking about dating, the first two things that might come to mind are dining in a restaurant and watching movie. Okay, these two are so traditional and common. But we cannot help it, these two activities are some of the most romantic things to do with your date.

Home date offers you other activities to make the moment more enjoyable and fun – not boring. After eating, you can have a movie marathon of your favorite films. If both of you love video games, you can play and let the loser execute a dare. The list of activities to do is limitless. Think of stuff that can make your date savor the moment with you.

Having a romantic date at home does not really mean you do not want to spend. It is just that being at home can make you both more comfortable and will give you more time to know each other deeper. Check your home. Do you have a garden? You can set up a table and two chairs there for your dinner. Do you live in an apartment like those apartments in Dallas? You can have your dinner in a small veranda. Just use your imagination. Add a personal touch to create a lasting impression.