A divorce can be a grueling  lengthy and exhausting process, especially without the right help and support throughout. It is important to ensure that you have an experienced and qualified solicitor to help you through this antagonizing period.

A family law solicitor can offer expert legal advice, be added support to you and your family and, more importantly, make or break one’s child custody case. It is imperative to choose the right divorce lawyer for you and your needs if you are to successfully get through this without becoming emotionally and legally scarred.

divorce lawyerPrivacy

The ability to keep clients information confidential is essential for any family law solicitor. There are a large number of lawyers in family law who are in the business simply for the money which it generates and will not hold back from revealing sensitive information if it means increasing profit. However, there are many others who are respected within their community and profession for their level of privacy.


There are plenty of advertisements on television, bill boards and magazines claiming that particular law firms are cheap, reliable and experienced. Don’t fall into this trap. Solicitors are never cheap, and most professionals do not need a two minute commercial to sell their services. Instead, talk to family, friends and work colleagues who are, or have recently, gone through a similar procedure. They might have information on a particularly good lawyer or simply offer firms to avoid because they have experienced bad service or a disappointing result. This is by far the best way to select a suitable solicitor.

Calm and Collected

It is important to look for a solicitor with a cool and calm demeanour. A divorce can be an emotionally charged process and can take months to finalise. It is important to find a legal professional who you are prepared to work with over this period. If your representative appears nervous or uncomfortable at any time within the initial stages, it may be worth looking elsewhere to find someone who is calm yet assertive enough to voice your case.


The sign of a hardworking, ambitious and dedicated solicitor is communication and research. Once you have briefed your lawyer, they should go away and do some serious research. To feel comfortable and at ease with the process (as much as you can be) it is important to find a solicitor who is willing to contact you regularly and keep you up to date with the finding, decisions, dates and venues and research. The more you know, the more you will be emotionally and physically ready to face the ordeal.

Past Experience

Always quiz your potential lawyer about their past experience and cases. Remember it is you that is paying them for their services and so you need to be sure that you are using your money wisely. Also, the stakes are much higher in divorce, especially where children are concerned.


As mentioned before, a divorce solicitor can be extremely expensive. Always attempt to break them down on price before signing any financial agreement. Remember that this process could last a while and so money isn’t going to keep coming. Have a sit down and talk extensively about the process, what to expect, how they are going to deal with it and what the ultimate outcome is.

A divorce is never going to be easy. But with the right amount of research and preparation, a carefully selected divorce lawyer can become a great help.

This is a guest post by Nicola Winters on behalf of Pannone, family law and divorce specialists.