The person that speaks lies always hurts another person. It is only when you speak the truth give life the peace that it deserves for. Everyone knows that lies always hurts. Most of the time, the person who receives the lie always end up in hurt and so does the person who speaks it.

Nowadays, lies are usually taken as a way of life. Those who usually speak lies bury their own morality to a place that no one can find it. These are the kind of people that can’t be trusted and at times they lie to the extent that can bring harm to those who believe them.

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When you lie, you betray someone’s trust. It is sinful when you speak of something that is not true and the person who listens to you believes that the words you are saying are true. There is no law in any state that punishes liars; however, there is the law of Karma that handles it.

There are many types of lies. But first let’s try to find out the kinds of liars, living on this earth. A small liar is the first of it. This may be seen on a poor person who usually speaks lies just to survive. On the other hand, another type of liars is those politicians and leaders. Most of the time, they come up with stories to mislead people to believe lies in order to retain the position that they may have in the society.

The worst kinds of liars are those who makes lie directly to a person who trust them. In the eyes of a child, the words that he hears from his father and mother are always true. However, as the kid grows up, he then notices his parent makes some lies and the child usually gets trained at this point of life. Though the child learns that speaking lies is bad at school or from text books, reality is always different. And that reality is being followed because it involves his role models at home. The habit of speaking lies grows from there.

Another type of liar is the lover. Trust always plays a vital role when love is involved. So, when someone is lying and gets caught, it always ends in breakup. Lies kill the heart of a man or woman who has been lied to.

These are the types of liars who live in our world today. Society may not punish them, but karma will. Just wait and see. Nature has its own way of balancing things for humans. So never make a LIE!