Every woman I know dreams of having a beautiful and perfect wedding. For most of them it should be planned and well-prepared because they believe that marriage is a process of entering a new phase of their lives. While some are planning to look like a Princess on their wedding day, but others still prefers a simple but elegant look.

Before going to the biggest day of a couple’s life, let’s first rewind to the part where the man proposes to his bride to be. It’s one of the most exciting and unforgettable events a person can experience. As you have seen in some romantic movies, it’s the part when a man kneels down to his knee and asks his girlfriend “Will you marry me?” while showing her a beautiful wedding ring on his hand. That’s just in the movies though, however you can be more creative with your wedding proposal and try to be different from the others. That’s one of the secret ingredients in getting her biggest yes when you ask the question.

Giving your girlfriend a beautiful and elegant ring can really make a difference in your proposal. Sure you can find lots of it in a jewelry shop but giving her the emerald cut engagement ring in particular can get you the added bonus. I simply like this emerald cut diamond ring as it is the sweetest gift that a future wife to be can ever receive from someone she truly love. The brilliance of the diamond along with the extraordinary design, she’ll be left mesmerized with the elegance and beauty of the emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

Best Tips When Choosing a Stunning Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

  • First, check the quality of the diamond. Since it’s an emerald shape which is an open cut, you must take note of all the irregularities in color variations. The stone must be a well cut diamond to preserve its balance as well as the proportion of it. You can ask the ideal cut ratio or you can follow your personal preference when looking for a diamond wedding ring.
  • Due to the emerald cut, it is important to have a stone that is very clear and in great shape simply because the style can easily show imperfections. It will be faceted with rectangular cuts including the underneath of the stone so it can give an appearance of depth. Look for something that is flawless and in range with your budget.
  • You must also be aware of the metal the ring is made from. Most of the time they use silver and platinum but you can also find gold. This particular style of engagement ring is best for white metals, including the white gold which is my wife’s favorite. But it is important to follow your personal preference above anything else when looking for one.
  • And lastly, try to ask from a diamond and jewelry expert for any suggestions before you buy a visit a store. Be familiar with the size of the ring as it is important. It is advised that for those women who have a long and slender finger must have a stone in rectangular to highlight it while for those who have a short finger and smaller ring size must prefer the less spectacular emerald cut to prevent any proportion problems.

Some of the Reasons Why Women Love the Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

The emerald cut engagement rings posses a traditional yet classy look – the reason why most women love it. They may go with the current trends in fashion, accessories and clothes but when it comes to rings, a lot of them still prefer a classy look that can brings the memories back. They believe that memories shared and will be shared will be preserved in the ring through time. That’s why most women would love to have it.

Another reason is that the rectangular cut of the diamonds along with the cropped corners would look great on the finger of any woman who wears it. It will just slip through their fingers and since most of them have slim and shapely fingers the emerald cut engagement ring will look great for them.

Aside from the look, getting this ring can be a great deal for most men. We all know that we have to tighten up our belts due to present economic situation and watching your budget when getting a more expensive diamond engagement ring will only spoil the moment that you’ve prepared. So unless you have a fat wallet, spending most of your money with these things will just only result in debts and financial inadequacy which may lead to unexpected turn of events when your girl leave you because you can’t support her anymore. So, the emerald cut ring will be the best for it because of its classy and elegant look but still suits the budget right.