date night ideasIf you’re tired of dinner-and-a-movie dates and are running out of date night ideas, it’s time to change things up. Surprise your date by planning an outing neither of you will ever forget. The experience will bring you closer as a couple, and, with a little editing, it will make a fun story to tell the grandkids someday. Here are five date night ideas to get you started.

Here are out top date night ideas!

Not Your Average Movie Date
Don’t sit passively in a darkened theater; be part of the action. One of our great date night ideas is to re-enact your date’s favorite movie, making him or her the star of the show. Meet atop a skyscraper à la An Affair to Remember or Sleepless in Seattle. Commission a portrait of your date and bring him or her to a gallery after-hours to unveil it, like Eric Stoltz’s character did in Some Kind of Wonderful. If a famous movie was filmed nearby, visit featured locales, like restaurants, parks or hotels. Enjoy coffee and a pastry in front of a jewelry store window, like Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or serenade your true love with a boombox like the iconic Llloyd Dobler in Say Anything.

Game On
Take game night to a whole new level by creating a scavenger hunt for your date. Enlist the help of friends and local businesspeople, and scatter clues and gifts throughout the city for your date to track down. Organize the clues so they follow the timeline of your relationship or remind your date of important milestones for a sentimental touch. The last clue should bring your date to meet you; rehash the adventure over dinner at a special restaurant or a private table set for two.

On the Go
Emerson said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” The same can be true of date night. For another date night idea, instead of meeting at a bar, cruise through town enjoying cocktails in a limousine. Splurge on a hansom cab to end the evening, or surprise your date with a ride on your motorcycle for a wind-in-the-hair adrenaline rush. If you truly want to leave the world behind, take to the skies with a helicopter tour of the city. A trip in a private plane won’t soon be forgotten, and neither will a hot air balloon ride. Everything seems more romantic at higher altitudes.

Inner Child
Make your date feel like a kid again by taking him or her on a childlike tour of the city. Visit animals at the zoo, or marvel at dinosaur bones in a museum. Stop at the candy store to stock up on favorite childhood treats, and play ball or ride the swings at the neighborhood playground. Shop at a toy store, trying every toy at least once, then skip dinner and go straight to dessert. This is one of our favourite date night ideas because it lets both of you just have fun and explore together.

Back to School
Learning something new together is a great way to connect. Arrange for you and your date to take a class. Wine tasting or cooking classes guarantee a delicious evening, and art classes offer the opportunity to send your date home with a handmade souvenir of the experience. Try ballroom dancing or take a tennis lesson. If you’re looking for something more out-of-the-ordinary, enroll in stunt school or a scuba diving class. If you want to heat things up, exotic dancing or massage lessons might be in order.

The keys to an extraordinary date night are planning and personalization. Take time to arrange activities that show your date how well you know him or her for a memorable, romantic rendez-vous. We hope you liked our top date night ideas and wish you the best of luck!

date night ideas

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