fun date ideas

Does it feel like you have lost touch with your significant other? It can be easy for couples to become disconnected between work, family, and all of the other everyday things demanding our time and attention, diverting our focus from one another. Choosing a date that puts the spotlight on you as a couple and on your connection to one another is the perfect way to ignore those outside forces and add strength to the relationship.

Dinner and a Movie
The “dinner and a movie” combination is a staple in the repertoire of most daters. Consider an update to the classic date combination with a focus on reconnecting. Instead of heading out to a restaurant, find a local cooking class for couples and sign up to work as a team and make dinner for each other, with each other. Take the dessert to go and snuggle up on the couch with a rented or streamed movie that you have both already seen. Knowing what happens in the movie keeps the focus on one another (and the dessert) instead of the TV.

Can I Have This Dance?
There’s swing, salsa, the foxtrot, and more. You can line dance or two-step. Whatever footwork you and your significant other choose dancing is excellent for exercise and health, and it’s also a wonderful way to spark some electricity and use body language to reconnect with one another. Find a local couples’ class in the area, use a how-to video at home, or turn on “your song” and waltz by candlelight in the living room.

A Day at the Spa
The spa is an amazing experience to share with one another. It’s a relaxing way for a couple to unwind and let go of all of the stresses of the day. From a therapeutic couples’ massage to indulgent manicures and pedicures, a little bit of pampering will help to relax anyone, giving you the opportunity to just enjoy being with one another while each of you gets spoiled and soothed.

A Walk in the Park
Getting back in touch with each other can be as simple as letting go and remembering the fun you had when you first started dating and all of your effort and energy were on one another. What better way to forget about all of the responsibilities and pressures of being a grownup than to head out to the park to share in some carefree play time? Grab a sled in the winter or a kite in the summer and find a local park. Swing on the swing set hand in hand or relax on the park bench, sharing memories and catching up. Whatever you do, just enjoy the time together.

An Anytime Picnic
There is almost nothing more romantic than the scene of a beautiful picnic with caviar and champagne glasses on a picturesque beach at sunset. Don’t hold out for the perfect summer day to turn a picnic into the ultimate re-connection. Pack up your favorite meal and a soft blanket, and head anywhere from the bank of the local river to your own backyard, or even spread the blanket and picnic feast out on top of the bed during the cold or rain. The peace and quiet will give you the opportunity to focus on each other, remembering the bond you started in the beginning.

Whatever you choose, you are sure to rekindle that spark and find each other again.

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