weddingAs a bride, there are two things that bring endless smiles as the long days of shopping come ahead. These are hunt for the wedding dress and wedding shoes, both of which are such wonderful experiences. Every woman who has the chance to experience it will love savoring each moment.

Getting the best wedding shoes for a particular wedding dress, though, has got more than just the perfect fit on its list to fit the bill. With the right stepping stones in place, the ideal pair of wedding shoes is not that far away!

Why Fabric is Important

The most favorite choices when it comes to fabric for wedding shoes are satin, raw silk and crepe, and this is usually because it is the same fabric used to create the wedding dress itself. That does not mean that the norm is the only way to go, as there are so many other uncommon fabrics such as suede and lace that can also provide a special touch to a wedding ensemble.

Get Comfortable

Every woman who has worn heels will agree that while this is the ultimate choice for wedding shoes for bride, it often is inclusive of aching heels and blisters after being worn the whole day. Heels should ideally be used by a bride who is used to wearing them, and balance also plays a crucial part. There is absolutely no harm in going ahead with heels for a wedding day, but be sure to get used to them and break them in. Other options that are available include kitten heels, ballet shoes, wedges and sandals, which are gentler on the toes.

Why Shades of a Color Matter

Color plays up a good measure in wedding shoe picks, and the traditional method would be to go for a pair that matches the color of the wedding dress. The easiest way to do this would be by having a piece of the fabric from the gown in hand while shopping for the wedding shoes. Play around with the colors of the accessories, and go for silver or gold finishing for the wedding shoes.

The Occasion Counts Too

Is the wedding event a black tie or smart and casual event? What about the weather – a balmy spring season or a spine tingling winter? These factors are worth looking into, as a closed shoe covered in raw silk would be ideal for winter, while a sexy off-white pair of strappy heels will be the blissful match for a sunny wedding day.

The Shoe Match is For Two, Not One

The height of a wedding shoe pair should complement the gown and the bride, but an otherwise unnoticed fact is that the shoe should also match the groom’s height well, especially if the groom is shorter than the bride! A bride who is concerned over being petite and short can go for three inches or more in shoe height, as it helps elongate the body and tone the legs at the same time. Talk about a workout!

The Venue Vs The Wedding Shoes

For some couples, the dream wedding is by the beachside with swinging palm trees and the sound of the restful waves clashing against the shoes. With that being said, sandals would definitely come in handy for a wedding like this, as it avoids the specks of sand from sticking onto an otherwise inappropriately selected pair of wedding shoes. Be sure to pay attention to the location before going off on the wedding shoe escapade, as it sure helps to know that a pair of ivory heels would not get caught in between the stones of a walkway.

The wedding shoes for a bride is a task that needs extra attention to detail, and with the right hindsight, wedding bells will be ringing with the perfect pair of wedding shoes on those pretty little feet. Enjoy the chase of the purchase and the dancing by the beachside, dance floor or living room on the ultimate wedding day ever!