Whether you’ve been together a long time or you’ve just started seeing each other, finding the perfect gift for your date is always a daunting task. You want to choose something with heart and thought but not something cliché like flowers, candy, or jewelry. You want to speak to her interests and unique personality, and also to your own. How do you decide? Choosing a one-of-a-kind gift will depend on the one-of-a-kind person it’s intended for, but here are a few fun ideas to get you started. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, so you might as well think up something amazing.

Adopt a Zoo Animal
dating outsideThe zoo is always a great place to go on a date because it’s like being a kid again. If she has a favorite animal, whether it be lions, tigers, polar bears, or penguins, or if she’s just an animal lover, you can adopt a zoo creature in her name. Most local zoos have some form of adoption program, including the over 6,000 certified by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. She can give it a name, and the two of you can even go and visit your new friend.

Sushi Lessons
Sushi is a popular dinner date for couples, but it can also make a really fun gift. Research sushi lessons in your area, available at restaurants like Benihana, and make a reservation for the two of you to learn to make your own. Some of these classes also offer lessons on how to make sake and which foods go with different kinds of sake, along with making your own California rolls and other simple sushi creations. Complimentary cocktails and samples are typically included with the price.

Design a Vintage Quilt
You might think quilts are just for your grandmother, but that’s not true anymore. A personalized quilt, ordered from Pinterest or another website, can be a lovely way to let her know how serious you are, especially if you have it decorated with photos, messages, and dates important to the two of you. There are plenty of vintage gifts available online as well as personalized items, but why not get one she can sleep with at night? If you’re aiming for real romance, this could be the gift for you.

Personalized Romance Novel
If you’re looking for a gift that’s campy, funny, and sexy at the same time, you can order a personalized romance novel that plugs you and your partner’s names and physical descriptions into the story. Several companies sell these online with different themes, like vampires, pirates, or desert island lovers. If you’re shopping for a girl with a good sense of humor, she’ll probably get a kick out of this unique present and keepsake.

Not every gift will appeal to every woman, but if you brainstorm ideas, you’re sure to come up with something that will show her how much thought you put into it. The right gift will blow her away and show her how much you care while setting you apart from all the other guys she’s known before — then you’ll end up with the chance to buy her even better gifts for a long time to come.

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