Buying special gifts for men is not an easy task, especially if you want them to love it. Most women stick to clothes and electronic gadgets like the latest phones. Some take this a step further and buy things like a 50 inch HDTV, an outdoor grill, GPS system for the car or even a brand new car.

Well, if you have a budget that can afford such gifts then why not, but what about gifts for someone who is just a friend, colleague or cousin, or what if you are feeling the pinch of inflation and have second thoughts about spending too much on a birthday gift? This being a possibility, there are other, more viable options for gifts as well.

In view of the fact that you want the gift to look tasteful, thoughtful, fashionable and pricey, and stand out from the rest of the gifts received on the occasion, it is imperative that it be ideal. Some of the options that may be perfect are fashion jewellery or accessories such as men’s gold chains, a pair of cuff links, a branded wallet or a money clamp.

Fashion accessories like cuff links are always a good idea for men that have to wear suits for work. The only thing to keep in mind is to keep with their style. For example, there is no point in buying someone who always wears black suits with silver cuff links, a beautiful yellow gold pair, as there is a very slim chance he will wear them.

Remember that executives almost never drastically change the way they dress or experiment with their accessories, since they represent the company and its image with their own to every client. So, if this gift idea seems ideal for your colleague big promotion party or friend’s birthday celebration, make sure you know what type of cuff links they usually wear.

The men’s fashion industry has evolved so much in the last few decades, by revolutionizing trends and giving them a modern twist. If we even take a good look at the fashion industry for clothes, it can be noticed that trends that were very much in vogue decades ago are making a comeback these days. Take for instance the tapered pants. This fashion can be seen very clearly in some of the black and white movies from back then, and again in the latest movies of today.

The same goes of jewellery accessories for men. In the recent times it is all about men’s gold chains. From models to executives, everyone owns at least three or four different designs of gold chains. These may be conventional designs like the link chains, box chains, rope chains, etc, or the contemporary and uber-stylish designer types that extend beyond the simple and understated with subtleties such as an antique finish or the like.

Another good gift idea might be to buy a tasteful wallet or money clamp for the man. A majority of men have some specifics when it comes to buying a wallet such as feel of the material or leather, size of the wallet, number of compartments, etc. so, if you do not know this man well enough, it might just be safer to go with another gift.

But in case you know his taste perfectly and are close enough to take the chance, go ahead and splurge on a good brand. This way each time he removes his wallet to pay, he remembers you and how special he is to you. On the other hand, in case you want to play it safe, consider buying a good old money clamp. These come in many designs and don’t cost a lot, making them a perfect gift for social occasions.