Nobody knows exactly when in history, the heart shape was first used to symbolize love, but it has over time become universal. In today’s day and age we use this sign in many walks of life. We use < and 3 as <3 to make hearts in text, have trinket boxes in the shape of hearts, have many valentine’s day gifts that come in bright red heart shapes, and so on.

Every time we even imagine anything in that particular shape, it brings with it a feeling of unconditional love and affection. But anyone who is in a meaningful relationship knows that the ultimate gift for a woman is precious jewelry. And what better gesture than to combine the two favorite and buy heart shaped jewelry for that special person who makes your life a happy one. Truth be told, nothing says ‘I love you’ like heart diamond rings.

heart shape diamond ringRings are always a great gift for women for some very distinct reasons. First of all, they are more personal, unlike a pendant or necklace which can be bought without knowing too much about the person. While you may not think of it as a big deal, to a woman it is. A ring says, ‘I know you’, as you can’t just go out a pick up just anything. You need to know her ring size. This fact makes the whole thing personalized and special.

The second aspect is that while women change their jewelry almost every day, as per their mood and attire, you will rarely find women changing their rings, especially if they are diamond rings. Lastly, this may be a sure fire way of figuring out how much you mean to your lady and where you stand in her life. Women love gifts and that’s no secret, but they will only treasure and wear gifts that are given to them by loved ones all the time. This holds true particularly for fairly expensive gifts like diamond rings, working women may choose to wear few statement jewelry items daily.

There are many designs and settings available for heart cut diamond rings in the market. You can take a look at few options at your local jewelry store, in case you are a first time jewelry shopper and want to check out the carat weight you can afford and see loose diamonds. Although, you should know that the best place to browse around and even buy such precious rings is on the Internet. You can find an endless variety and the best possible prices online, if you just invest some time in searching out what you desire.

For first time jewelry buyers, it may be advisable to first browse through plenty of images of heart diamond rings to get a rough idea about what you would like, after which you may either opt for buying the ring online or visit a jewelry designer and get it made. Remember that simplicity is the key to a beautiful design, so if you find yourself very confused or overwhelmed, just go with a simple heart diamond solitaire set in white gold. It is guaranteed to make her swoon.

The only things to look out for while buying heart diamond rings are the symmetry of the diamond, whether the diamond has recognized certification, and whether the setting is flawless and protects the stone, especially at the pointed end which is vulnerable to damage. Most heart shaped diamond rings require four-pronged settings, so you may want to ask for it so as to ensure safety of the diamond and in turn durability of the beautiful ring.