love note

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” For those who love literature, they would recognize this famous and passionate poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, which she penned for her beloved husband, Robert Browning. This sonnet immortalized the love she had for her spouse and has served as an inspiration to aspiring poets in love. For those who don’t have that clever way with words, here are some things–big and small–that will show your partner how much you love him or her.

Love Notes

Some might find writing love letters incredibly cheesy, and they are, albeit in a good way. I think we can all afford to be corny especially when it comes to the one we love. Love letters, however, can be quite a challenge for those who find it hard to put into words their feelings. This is why I think love notes are a better option. Notes differ from letters in length. But the former’s brevity doesn’t mean it lacks sweetness. In fact, no matter how short they can be, they are still as sweet as if it were a long letter.

Even a simple “I love you” or “I miss you” on a post-it is enough to bring a smile on your loved one’s face and warm his or her heart. To take it a notch higher, you can take inspiration from writers who have previously been inspired by love. Research short yet meaningful love quotes that you can give to your partner to show how you feel. If you are not the type to voice it out loud, then let the love notes speak for you.


Insurance may not sound like the most romantic thing to show your love. You can’t deny that it’s practical. Furthermore, it also shows how much you care, not only for you spouse but for your family because you take pains to secure their future just in case something happens to you. Death, I agree, is not something that people feel comfortable talking about. However, it is something inevitable and the only thing we can do is to live our lives to the fullest and make sure that the family’s future will be cared for even when you are no longer part of this earth. Consult a reliable term life insurance company so you will know the best package that will suit your needs.

Little Acts of Love

People say that actions speak louder than words. Although I like listening to sweet nothings, little acts of love warm my heart even more. For me, words aren’t enough–they should be complemented with actions. Showing that you love someone doesn’t have to mean grand gestures all the time. Even simple deeds like making dinner or knitting a scarf are already great ways to demonstrate that love to the person dearest to your heart.

If your partner has a sweet tooth, giving a cake is a fantastic way to cheer him or her up. But why settle for a store-bought one when you can sweeten the gift further by baking it yourself? You can take a short culinary course so you can surprise your sweetheart with your first home-cooked masterpiece. You can also offer a spa coupon if your partner has been feeling stressed out from work lately. That way he or she can relax and get some long overdue pampering.

Actions that show love doesn’t have to big and flashy. They don’t have to be grand or extremely expensive. More often than not, it’s the thought that counts and that it comes from the heart.

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