win-ex-backWhen you’re suffering from a terrible breakup and have been researching the entire world of internet for answers, I’m pretty sure you have come across a lot of false claims in magically getting her back in “X” days. You may read these bold headlines as Get Ex Back in 30 days, in a week or even 3 days.

You may ask, how do I know this? We’ll, I’ve been helping individuals for quite some time now and witnessed a lot of situations from them. During those times of being with them all the way, I’ve heard and seen it all.

Needless to say, everyone is smart enough to believe all this kind of hype in the internet or from emails that you received from all of these love guru’s. However when you’re tempted to try the “magic pill” of getting an ex back in just X amount of time, let me put it this way, getting an ex back with a fixed timeline in your hand isn’t only impossible to achieve but can impose a danger as well to both of you.

Each relationship is unique, that’s a fact. Mine is different from yours and yours is not similar with others, do you agree? So how is it possible to use the strategies being shown by these magic pills when your relationship is different from mine or from the author’s experience? It does not make any sense at all? Does it?

Having said that, below are some of the facts in terms of how long you can get an ex back that I have observed and collected over the years;

1.) Only a few individuals got their ex back inside a 2 weeks time span. Yes it is possible to get an ex back this fast. You just have to follow a great advice that fits your situation well. It is also important to understand them as a person and the ways they think during and after a painful breakup.

2.) Most individuals who tried to win the hearts of their ex and save the relationship did it within 2 months.

3.) And for the rest who did not gave up made it in 3 months or more.

The main thing here is that it does not matter how long you can win an ex back to you as long as you keep on trying if you really like your ex. If you made it within 2 weeks, then that’s great. If you made it in 2 months time, then that’s it. Remember that as long as you keep on trying while the door is still open and seeing some progress within your efforts, you can get them back sooner or later.

Having this in mind, don’t lose hope and risk everything by pressuring them in getting back together in a short span of time in your hands.