When it comes to weddings, spending can be out of control. The average price of a wedding has skyrocketed in recent years, as couples choose more and more extravagant options. However, there are some important reasons to consider being more budget-friendly. Making a few simple changes can afford some wiggle room or savings for later.

The Cost of a Wedding
Weddings are expensive, and they are more expensive now than they have ever been before. TheKnot.com, a wedding planning and information site, indicates that the average wedding now costs $27,000. They also state that because weddings are more expensive in urban areas and this figure takes into account all locations, an urban wedding can come in at $40,000 or more.

There are reasons to spend a lot on a wedding. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to throw a big ceremony that the couple will remember forever. Certain costs can be almost non-negotiable, such as the rental cost of a venue that the couple is determined to use for their big day. However, most people don’t have limitless funds, and spending a lot on the wedding means having less later.

Ways to Save
While the rental fee for a location may be set, there are other things that the bride and groom can look for deals on. Wedding dresses are incredibly expensive, with the average being over $1100 according to WeddingStats.org. Some may cost considerably more. Shopping around for deals and considering less extravagant but equally eloquent gowns can lower the price tag.

What’s Wrong With Spending A Lot?
There may be ways to save on a wedding, but if the couple can afford the price tag why shouldn’t they go big? Well, the main reason is that the money they are putting into a wedding could be spent or saved for other purposes. While a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment to be remembered, it is also something that is over in the space of a few hours. Blowing all your savings in one day is not necessarily the best choice.

What If I Don’t Want A Budget Wedding?
The term ‘budget wedding’ has bad connotations for many people and may evoke a sense of deprivation. However, there are various levels to budgeting. If your dream wedding costs $40,000 and you decide you want to do it for $30,000, you can still get most of the things you want, just in a slightly scaled-down version.

In most cases, the venue is the single most expensive piece of your wedding. However, people often have strong feelings about the appropriate place to get married. If the venue is non-negotiable, consider your choice of reception hall, catering menu, flowers and other decorations, and photography. Choosing a more budget-friendly option in all of these areas may mean being able to afford your favorite venue.

Why Budgeting Is Important No Matter How Much You Plan To Spend
According to WeddingStats.org, half of all weddings cost more than anticipated. It’s easy to see how meticulous planning can save you money, if it means not going over your budget. Another option is to budget less than you can afford, leaving some wiggle room for last minute emergency costs.

Starting out with a budget in mind is important, especially since wedding preparation often takes place on a fairly long timescale. That way, everything can be scaled back a little rather than choosing some expensive items and having to make up for them by cost-cutting later. This is especially important since there can be a long period of time between the first purchase for a wedding and the last.


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