Relationship psychology

Relationship Psychology is a kind of science designed specifically to help struggling couples with their relationship problems. It may sound a bit complicated for lots of people out there but it’s just a series of scientific and proven methods that someone may use to apply to solve any relationship difficulties. Usually, the whole process is about understanding the kind of behavior and utilizing the things a person may discover to make things a lot better.

Without a doubt, a couple whose not using relationship psychology may have some problems along the way and worse, the relationship may end in a bad break up. Most people think that learning the science of psychology is hard or a bit boring however people don’t usually need a college degree to learn the basics. Having said that, below are some of the psychological techniques you may use to have a healthier relationship with your partner.


Normally, every one of us has our own problems and sometimes the stress it brings us can be overwhelming that we take it out on the people we love. On the other hand, they may sometimes take it out on us too. The thing is you should at least do better by not stressing out your problems to your partner and if that happens to you, try your best to understand your partner.

Relationship Psychology Can Start With Unresolved Childhood Problems

Most problems that we have at the moment usually go back to our childhood years. For instance, you were raised in a household in which your mother has a tendency to regularly look over your shoulders and being critical, then most probably you’re going to have that behavior when you grow up. And what if your partner’s mother has the behavior which is the exact opposite to your mother? Then I guess they will have a difficult time coping with your domineering personality.

Active Listening and Healthy Conversation

When both of you are talking and having a conversation over something, it’s really important for both of you to feel that you’re being heard. And the best way to do this is by having a healthy conversation with your partner and active listening. This usually takes practice if you’re not used to it and is a lot different than just hearing your partner’s voice when they talk. Having a healthy conversation and active listening requires a person to focus on what’s being said and how they say it. The one who’s listening must be focused on the one who’s talking and understand the things they’re trying to convey. When you’re just thinking to what you’re about to say when it’s your turn to talk isn’t listening at all.

Applying Relationship Psychology

You should be careful when using relationship psychology as there are three parties involved during the process. It isn’t just two as most people believe, don’t get confused. It’s your partner, yourself and the relationship itself. Each of these possesses its own unique character and personality and each one has its influence over the other. Meaning, you will have an influence to your partner and to your relationship with them and both have an equal influence on you as well. So, you must be very careful when utilizing the relationship psychology simply because there might be some unforeseeable outcomes when you fail to look everything as a whole.

Obviously, this is just some of the basics and a quick review of relationship psychology but it’s a great start. As you go through and the more you learn from it, the better the outcomes will be for your partner, for yourself and for your relationship.