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bridezillaIf your man liked it enough to put a ring on it and you are in the midst of planning the fairytale wedding you’ve been fantasizing about since you were five years old and playing dress up in a toilet-paper veil, it can be very exciting that your dreams are finally coming true.  But for many brides-to-be who get caught up in the tulle, bridal magazines, floral arrangements and cake-toppers, planning a wedding has the ability to turn you into a monster straight out of a Japanese horror film.  So that your frightening behavior doesn’t leave you standing at the alter with no bridesmaids, guests or husband, be sure to check out the following ways to avoid turning into raging Bridezilla:

Be realistic.  Sure, we’d all love to throw a wedding that would rival Kim Kardashian’s.  But if you want your marriage to last longer than 72 days, then you might want to keep yourself in check when you feel the unrealistic Bridezilla tendencies taking over.  Money has the ability to send even the sweetest brides into monster-mode…so be sure to set a budget and plan within your means so that you don’t find yourself stressing and freaking out when you and your fiancé are on a strict Ramen Noodle diet in order afford the 18 ice sculptures, a fireworks display and three Vera Wang wedding dresses (one dress will do it).  Just remember to keep your expectations reachable and prepare yourself for minor setbacks along the way so that you aren’t disappointed when something doesn’t turn out as planned.

Make time for your fiancé.  It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be very time-consuming—this can lead you on a crazy train straight to Bridezilla-ville, which can in turn lead to your future husband to reconsidering his proposal.  So in between all of the fittings, tastings and excursions for the perfect venue, be sure to carve out some time in your busy schedule just for your fiancé.  Spending quality time together that isn’t focused on wedding planning will remind him that you are in love with him, and not just in love with the idea of a wedding.

Show appreciation to your bridal party.  They’ve stood by you through the braces, the heartaches, the bad fashion choices and the nights in college that you can’t remember…and they’re also standing by you on the day that you marry the man of your dreams.  Other than the future hubs, your best friends and family members making up your bridal party are most likely the people who love and know you better than anyone else—so remember the money, time and morals (hey, it was quite the bachelorette party in Vegas) these people are sacrificing so that your big day goes off without a hitch!  You want to feel like the wedding is all about you, but don’t forget to show some love and appreciation to those who are a part of your special day as well.

Remember the purpose of your wedding.  Of course, you’re excited to wear a dress made for a princess, sip champagne, eat like the gods and dance the night away—but the key to staying grounded and avoid being blinded by the bling is to remember that your wedding is about marrying the person with whom you want to spend the rest of all time…and not just about throwing the most fabulous bash of the season.  Instead of focusing on the materialistic aspects of your wedding, think about what marriage means to you and the happiness you will share with your husband after you say “I do.”

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