It is normal for any relationship on the planet to have its ups and downs. At times you may feel happy and excited about your partner but there are times that you may feel tired and bored. The feeling of boredom is not that important however it’s one of the main problems in any relationship that sometimes cause a breakup. So I guess it feels right to have a strong relationship by knowing how to be a challenge to your girlfriend.

You will find a lot of ways to deal with this but first we must know the main idea of being a challenge to your partner. We’re not referring here that you must become a total jerk just for your girlfriend to respond towards you. Most guys believe that they can be a real challenge when they’re playing a hard to get guy or by being mean to their partners. Without a doubt, that can make your girlfriend respond quickly but that’s not what we’re talking about in this article.

how to be a challenge to your girlfriendThe challenge that we’re referring here is by looking for ways on how you can keep your girlfriend excited and be interested in your relationship. We must prevent them from getting bored towards us so they won’t look for it in others, keep that in mind.

Obviously this formulates a question as to what counts as being a boring person or just being bored. Everyone is unique and I guess there’s no direct answer for that. You’re the one who knows about your girlfriend very well so it is important to find the things that she may be interested in. For instance, your girlfriend is a silent type of girl then going out for a bungee jumping is not the best choice for her to be excited.

What we’re talking about here is just the general approach in getting your girlfriend interested. Just be very careful and don’t let the relationship to become stagnant as you can. If you’re at the situation now then you must look for ways to get out from it.

Being phony has nothing to do when it comes to the ways of becoming a challenge to your girlfriend. Just be yourself at all times because if not, it may backfire. So it is important that everything you do must be done freely and with honesty. Once you push it and try too hard, she will start asking what’s going on.

Others believe that becoming a hard to get guy is one of the best ways in challenging a girlfriend. Some of it are true and can really work however you must know that it is a tactic as well and very hard to make it right. Chances are heavily loaded with this trick, so don’t take the risk and avoid it if you can.

Consider all the things that your girlfriend wants and give it to her in a unique way. Your goal is for her to enjoy but keep yourself up and don’t be predictable.

Challenging your girlfriend to keep her interested and excited towards you and the relationship isn’t that hard, you just have to take a time and know your girlfriend well. If you put in the effort, we guarantee you being a challenge to your girlfriend will pay off in the long run!