When my sister started dating, she frequently asked me how to be a sweet girlfriend. Good question!?

I started observing couples, mainly the girls on what they were doing, how they were acting, their mannerism and attitude. Surprisingly even girls with hot tempers managed to get along with some men; for some reason these men found them attractive.

So I was wondering, how can my sister copy them? What attitudes and traits should she take on to become a ‘sweet girlfriend’?

sweet girlfriend

Did this transformation mean that my sister or any other girl taking on the challenge of becoming the sweet girlfriend, should stand at the door dressed in her sexy lingerie? Or does it mean she needs to be in the kitchen barefoot cooking up a storm? Or even being by his side and looking at fulfilling all his needs and wants? Not quite, however there are some things that a girl can do to make their boyfriend feel treasured and loved.

Guys always love affection, no matter how tough they make themselves out to be. You can show this by giving hugs and kisses or cuddling on the couch. Though most men prefer doing this in a more private setting and are not fans of public affection, but there is no reason why you can’t occasionally break this rule.

Now I didn’t observe this in the flash, but through anecdotal evidence I can say that a lot of men enjoy when their partner takes charge in the bedroom. They find this extremely sexy and attractive. This can be something like lighting some scented candles, and bring out that sexy lingerie or grabbing some massage oil and giving him a sensual massage following a hard day at the office, to something naughty on the odd occasion.

Out of the bedroom, men are known for loving their tummy! You can cook his favorite meals, or set up a romantic dinner for two. Take him on a date night for a change, don’t wait for him to arrange it. Organise a weekend away… whether naughty or nice, he will enjoy it. Couple time away from hussle and bussle is a great way to reconnect and be the sweet girlfriend.

You could send him the odd text message to say you are thinking of him. Or leave a note in his lunchbox. Little things can have some amazing results.

Be considerate of his friends. Even if it is not your thing it is nice to invite them over once in a while. Could be just because, or to watch the footy. Make sure you have some food and drinks prepared for them. His friends will surely be jealous, and will ask how to make their girl be so sweet.

This may seem too much. But after a while of practice, being a sweet girlfriend will become your second nature, and you will be a lot more appreciated too. You do need to ensure that you find a sweet balance and not take over his role completely! He won’t like that.

All it takes is to be caring, supporting and romantic. It can be hard sometimes with other commitments, but it’s worth the effort. Why not start today to be the sweetest girlfriend your man ever had?