Most women like boys who are not boring to be with and can make them smile even during their darkest days. They love being around hem having fun together doing crazy things and simply laughing to their heart’s content as love develops. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways you can catch the attention of the girl you like, and make her fall in love with you quickly.

So if you want to get the girl of your dreams, learn ways to be funny in front of girls.

In this video; Jessica Claire, a dating coach from New York City explains how to be funny in front of girls. She shares a single but most effective tip on how to be funny in front of girls with ease that works most of the time.

Like she said, there are numerous ways on how to be funny in front of girls. You have to remember that each person is different. For one girl, one situation maybe funny but to some they’re not. So to be safe, especially when you don’t know her much yet, the biggest rule to follow here is to not make fun of other people or simply being a jerk.


Though some girls may laugh at it, you will have to keep in mind that women posses a softer heart than men do. It can be a big turn off to them when you do make fun of other people’s disabilities, old people or physical defects.

One tip Jessica shares on the video is for you to make fund of yourself being the easiest way to make her laugh. This means that to be able to make her laugh, try to make fun of yourself and laugh at it. Women always react to that in a humorous way. For example, if you fall off a chair or perhaps embarrass yourself. These are the kind of things that women may laugh about.

So if you’re learning how to be funny in front of girls to get the girl of your dreams, try to make fun of yourself. Don’t try too hard though, that doesn’t look good. Try to make your actions look natural. By doing this, you’ll be able to boost that confidence of yours and make her laugh as well.