humor for loveFor most guys, treating their girlfriends in a nice way is sometimes confusing. I guess it’s primarily because men are different in a lot ways to opposite sex. When they try to do something good, women sometimes get it in a wrong way despite of all the good intentions behind. They just wanted them to know how much they love their partners and adore them, so it is important for any guy to know the ways on how to be nice to a girlfriend to get this done.

A great way to start is you should never take her for granted. I don’t want to sound nasty here but it is true. Your girlfriend is not obliged to stay with you. She can do whatever she wants to do, it’s her right and she can leave you anytime she wants. But don’t be constantly worried about this or get jealousy eats you. What you should do is value her, don’t make any assumptions and make her feel that she’s really important to you.

If you’re not valuing her at the moment, start finding ways on things that she can appreciate to ignite the spark again within you and your girlfriend. Start by searching for the things she really like. I bet you simply know this; she’s your girlfriend for God’s sake.

Also, know the type of affection she normally responds to. For instance, you may believe that by saying the words “I love you” is all it takes to get her heart into you but she’s not used to it because she was maybe raised in a family that physical affection is more important than words. Understanding this type of things can really help you become a nicer boyfriend. So a foot rub after office hours can really help send a message that you really love her and that you value her a lot.

Treating her with utmost respect is another way on how to be nice to a girlfriend. Even if you’re in a situation of arguing or in a fight with one another, you must still respect your girlfriend at all times. After all she’s still a human and people must be treated with decency. Never treat her with some inferiority, don’t shout or yell at her, and never treat her like she’s stupid or something.

At this point, try to remember the lessons that you may have learned from the Golden Rule. Quite simply, start asking yourself a question of how you would like to be treated by her. Or what will you do if she started doing the things that you may have been doing to her for a long time? Is it okay for you? If not, then you should start fixing yourself as it is a strong indication that you need to change.

Also, try to be more sensitive and open about her feelings. You maybe doing some nice things and believe that it is good but in your girlfriend’s heart, it’s not. You’re putting all of your efforts in becoming a nicer guy and she also wants you to change, and a simple talk can go a long way. Knowing how you can be a nice person to your girlfriend is as simple as that.