Are you in a situation wherein you’re not happy with your current relationship and want out? Do you want to end it all but don’t know how to break up with a guy? Are you looking for some tips on how to close the door with your present boyfriend but don’t know how to do it?

As what other people say, breaking up with someone especially if you’re still in love with the person is really hard. If you just made the decision of breaking up with him and sure about it, then do it properly and with a little dignity.

The 2 Biggest Mistakes When Breaking Up

The 2 huge mistakes women commonly commit when breaking up with someone is that they either;

  • Make a lie so they won’t look like a B
  • Or they talk a lot when all they can say is “It’s over!”

Of course these mistakes can fail for a lot of reasons. I said that because when you make a lie or talk way too much when you break up with a guy, you’re giving them false hopes and reasons that they may use to crawl back in to your life. This is really hard when all you could wish is push them away and they keep on coming back because you don’t have guts to breakup with them.

how to break up with a guy

For instance you make a lie like most women say to their boyfriend, “It’s not you, it’s me!” As a guy, they can easily think and say, “We can make this work, just trust me, I can help you.”

If on the other hand you give a hundred reasons when you can just say “I’m sorry but it’s over!” Again, they can easily justify that reasons to make things better. They’ll find ways to make up for whatever reasons you have for breaking up with them.

So what’s the best way to break up with a man?

You just need to be firm with your decision and say it directly to him. It’s much easier for any man to deal with the breakup and accept your decision when you tell them that way rather than repeating the same situation over and over again. I know it may sound harsh but it’s the only way if you’re not happy with the relationship and wants to breakup with your boyfriend.

For example you can say, “Paul, you’re a great a guy but this will not work anymore for both of us. I’m very sorry but it’s over!” If he asks why you’re doing it or gets angry with your decision, just refuse to engage with him. You can tell him, “I’m not going to go there or make things worse than it has to be. I know you’re a good guy and we had fun together but this will not work for either of us anymore. I’m sorry but it has to end like this.” And that’s it!

5 Ways That You Must Not Do When Breaking up with a Guy

Now that you know what to say to him however you must not follow these 5 ways to dump a guy…

1.) Using Email – Don’t just send an email to him telling that it’s over because one primary reason is that it may not reach him.

2.) Using Social Media Sites like Facebook or Twitter – Again don’t do this; don’t broadcast everything that should be kept in private between the two of you. At least have some dignity and a little respect for your boyfriend. Once you do this, everyone will know before he does.

3.) Using one of your friends from either side or someone to send the message – If you do this, sure you’ll look like a coward to him, someone who can’t stand her own decision. I know you’re better than that.

4.) Using an ad on a radio or local newspaper – Same as number two.

5.) Or disappear in an instant without a word – When you think of walking away without saying a single word to him is the worst way in ending a relationship with a guy. This will only show how disrespectful you are and may create a tremendous amount of stress and anger to any man in that situation. Imagine yourself if you’re the one being left behind without a word, how would you feel?

How to do it?

The acceptable ways on how you will breakup with him depends on how long you’ve been with each other and how deep the relationship was.

For instance, if you’ve been dating for a while now, let’s say for a few months or years and the relationship has gotten deep, you have to do it in person – with him face to face. You have to look him in his eye while holding his hand and say that it’s over. He truly deserves that.

If you’re dating him for a couple of days or when he’s expecting that a relationship will soon blossom, you have to call him on the phone and say your breakup words. And if you’re dating him casually, about two to three times then a text message can help you do that.

There’s no shortcut and no easy way when you’re planning to breakup with a guy that you’re not happy anymore to be with. You will have to endure the difficulty of getting through the process because it’s the right thing to do and the only way to do it. Just tell him the truth and tell him that the relationship is over and if he really loves you, he will let you go and accept the decision you’ve made.