wedding dressHaving flower girls in your wedding can be great and for this, it’s time for you to look a dress for her which can be fun actually. In the end, the flower can get lots of attention next to the bride of course.

When looking a dress for her, start with the boutiques that specializes wedding dress for kids. Regular wedding shops may help but be careful with the cut and fit of the dress because most shops will usually adjust the measurements to a child’s fit. Chances are they may look not proportionate to the dress.

Though the bride may already prepare a wedding dress design for the flower girl, keep in mind that her parents will pay for it, except of course if that is arranged. Always give the flower girl and her Mom a chance to voice out their opinion for the dress and keep it in the price range as well.

Make sure you remember that small girls do grow so fast when in the process of looking the flower’s girl dress. If in case you’re ordering the dress in advance, let’s say six months prior to the wedding; add some inches to the dress. You may alter this easily prior to the wedding day. Similar to any kind of dress, you may find it easier to take it in rather than by adding something to a smaller dress.

Mostly, flower girls like to feel as a princess when they wear that dress. So you can try to make a smaller version of your wedding dress for the flower girl. Traditionally, the flower’s girl dress is white in color with ruffle skirts underneath it to have a bridal look. Flower themed dresses are as well popular to flower girls. You may use hoop slips so they may have that princess look. Make sure to keep in mind the material that you will be using. A rougher dress material will surely make them itch and a lot uncomfortable while a silky and soft feel will make the flower girl less fidgety.

One more thing, when selecting a dress for a flower girl, make sure you match the accents with their hair. Make a decision if you will want their hair up or down. Add also some baby’s breath as well as ribbons to make her even more beautiful. Another thing is to make her parents know the type of shoes she will wear along with the dress. An open or a close sandal will be fine for shorter dress. It will depend of course on the time of the year. If in case a flowing and long dress will be used that covers her feet, wearing white slippers will do. This can make her a lot more comfortable and the event as well to be fun and enjoyable.

Flower girls do add some cute touch to any wedding event. Let her throw flower petals along the aisle or carry a beautiful bouquet of flowers like what the traditional wedding do.