I’ve known a lot of people with jealous personalities that don’t know how to control jealousy in relationships and not one of them ever ends up being successful or happy. This is because jealousy has its own way of destroying things without any regards on its way.

I’m not a jealous type of person to be honest, that is because I have my own self respect in check. I do not worry about what others do, I trust myself and my partner and have full confidence in what we have in our relationship. As such there is no need for jealousy.


How to Control Jealousy in Relationships

Below are some great tips that can significantly make a difference on how you can control the jealousy inside of yourself. I lived on these as well so make sure to try them.

Make sure to focus on your own qualities.

A lot of the time jealousy grows from our own insecurity. As such to eliminate jealousy in your relationship you first have to start with yourself.

Get your confidence in check, focus on your positive qualities, think about all the things that are going right in your life and relationship.

If you are confident within you, have self-respect in check then you’ll find that jealousy will not even be a consideration for you.

Never compare yourself to others.

I think it is pretty self explanatory that if you had self-confidence, you wouldn’t be measuring yourself against others.

Sometimes though, old habits die hard. So next time you find yourself measuring up against someone else, stop your train of thought, and remind yourself that you are a unique individual. You are you, and will never be like someone else, so stop comparing, it is a waste of time.

It is good to look up to others, and find certain traits you aspire to develop, but that should be in a positive manner, to inspire you. Jealousy usually triggers paralysis and that’s a big difference. You can’t be someone else and live that life, instead divert those efforts to make the best of “you”!

Trust your partner.

While jealousy first comes from the lack of self-confidence, the trust you have with your partner has a big part of it also. If the trust has never been violated, there is no reason to take it away from a person and let jealousy take over. On the other hand if trust has been violated, and you feel you can no longer trust someone, then you better off leaving. Jealousy is a nasty emotion and can destroy lives and ‘imprison’ people living with it. That is not a healthy place to be in.

I’ve seen a lot of people lose  a lot simply because they allowed jealousy get out of control and they didn’t know how to control jealousy in their relationships. I just hope that this article can give a slight insights and help people control the jealousy they are suffering right now. Hopefully it helped you get a better understanding of where it comes from so you can work through it.