Long distance relationship is often difficult to maintain. Both the persons are far apart from each other and they are unable to see each other for a long period of time. Often these kinds of relationships go wrong and couples fall apart. However, there are ways to save a long distance relationship. Given below are a few of the best tips for long distance relationships:

You need to know that every couple is different. That is the reason you should not try to follow any of your friends or relatives to be able to manage or maintain your relationship. Every couple has different relationship needs and that determines how often you should talk to each other and on what matter. While some may need to text and call every day, others might be okay with talking just once in two or three days. It is important that you take out time for talking with your partner and schedule other works for later. You should focus on the conversation and should respond to his/her questions and queries.

Keep things light between you. You can express how much you miss him/her, and how hard it is for you to live without him/her being around. However, do not make it too much. You should be able to maintain a sense of normalcy when it comes to expressing closeness and your emotions. You can however, talk about random happy things that is happening around you. You can talk about the great lunch that you have had today or if you went for shopping with your best friend.

You should never argue via text or IM. This way, the person is incapable of understanding your emotions and is also not able to see your facial expressions. Without these, you might end up creating a misunderstanding between yourselves. Even though it is also not preferable to have a fight on the phone, you can still bring up the disturbing matter over a call. Keep patience and discuss the matter. You can video chat with the person if the matter is a serious one. This will help you to keep things under control and save your relationship.

You can discuss your aims and achievements with the person you like the most. You should be able to discuss freely about your goals for this relationship. This would help each other create a better understanding.

You can make arrangements for visiting each other irrespective of the distance, work, or finances. However, you should see each other, but not so much that it becomes stressful. This would help to create a better bonding between you. An occasional visit can help to save the relationship.

Surprises are welcome. However, you should not make it interfere with his/her plans. You can throw a surprise party for him and can also gift him the bowtie or the belt that he always wanted. You need to keep certain exciting factors in your relationship. This would help you to keep the relationship going.

The time you are not together, you should keep yourself busy and enjoy some good times with your friends. This will help you to cope up with his/her absence for the time being.