Once in a while, a bad date occurs to a person at some point in her or his life. People must do a bit of evaluation before judging the other person without really knowing their personality. Are there sparks at all? Way too nervous to start a topic when talking? Is the person rude? Below are a few things that can be done.

How to deal with a bad date?

Or if you’re the one that’s making it a bad date…

Bad Date

1. If you’re feeling very nervous choose a coffee date instead of dinner or something else too involved. You may have less time to worry about how your date is going since right after having your coffee you can simply bid your date a quick “ta-ta”.

2. There’s simply no excuse for being annoying and rude on a date. Just leave from the scene if that is happening.

3. You and the date of yours aren’t on the exact same wavelength? Go through the date, keep your composure and then leave nicely. In case your date wants an extension, like an after meal drink, you may nicely refuse or just say no to the invitation.

4. In case you accidentally offend your date, just say sorry then get over it. If the insult isn’t that serious, your own date will probably just forgive and forget.

5. You should never make fun at your own expense. Humor is certainly cool but self-bashing isn’t. It’s not worth it for making yourself feeling not comfortable trying to make an impression on your date. Not only that, but it can come across as lack of self esteem. And you sure don’t want to give that impression!

How to move on from a bad date?

1. Never punish yourself for a date that went terrible. Things can go wrong for several reasons that are not even in your control. Instead compliment yourself that you had the courage to go through the process of having a date. Learn from the mistakes and move on.

2. Talk about what happened to the date with your friend. By doing this, you can get someone else’s insight to the issue that arose. You may have a laugh about it, or there may be some disbelief on their side. Either way it is out in the open and off your mind. You can learn something from it for the next one.

3. Try to get busy with other activities to help you forget about the bad date. Working out, hang out with some friends or watching a movie can make the negative vibes disappear earlier than you anticipate.

4. Kindness and honesty make the perfect combo in terms of turning down a bad date that may like a second round. Say something a little straight-forward yet peppered with some praise — is that an oxymoron?

5. Now, if you feel the person deserves a second chance, go ahead and give her/him the second try. You may just laugh the bad date experience away when you’re at ease with one another.

At some point in our lives, we experience some bad dates. But as we go along, we learn from our mistakes and make good decisions from it.

How to deal with a bad date and how to move on from a bad date isn’t a rocket science to learn. You just have to be with yourself and always be honest and kind in rejecting the second date if you believe the date is not worth trying the second time around.