moving in togetherRelationships are like glasses. You have to care for them, maintain them and if they break you can always pick up the pieces together. They can become the strength of your life or they are even powerful enough to destroy you. It is a beautiful companionship to face life together. Everybody needs love and affection. We have to value our relationships to cherish real happiness. Let us have a look at few tips which will strengthen your relationship for the long turn as well as help you resolve conflict in a relationship.

1) Communicate: Speak the way you would like to be treated in return. Remove your fear, insecurity and learn to express clearly your problem or opinion. Your partner needs to understand the verbal and non-verbal ways of your communication. Be honest about your intentions.

2) Spend quality time: Enjoy the small things in life, smile together, and be in touch regularly. You may find new annoying or adorable things about your partner but learn to love him in every way.

3) Learn to argue well: Don’t blame each other or make winning your goal. Settle disputes peacefully. Allot non-interference speaking time to each other and assess the whole situation. Before arguing, make sure that you are clear in your mind to resolve the issue and are not just interested to make your stand.

4) Learn the art of negotiating: Change the way you communicate if required. Confront issues as a team. Accept the things that really can’t change. Men perceive being respected as love while women perceive love when men express how much they need you.

5) Express love and affection: Be romantic. Appreciate each other. If you don’t get compliment, ask about a matter to your partner and check if they agree. Never hide anything if something is bothering you. Establish trust on all levels.

6) Keep your private matters between you two: Sometimes just spending time with each other after a fight without discussing the issues immediately is a good idea. You both will find it easier to resolve it later but you should remember to sort it out.

7) Work to give that extra bit to your relationship: Nurture your relationship. Figure newer, more creative ways of doing the same things. Plan surprises for each other. Remember the times when you fell in love with your partner. It can create magic to revive your relationship. Boredom implies anger. Ask yourself why you are angry and work on it.

8) Be willing to take risks: Be willing to share the good as well as the bad times in a relationship. Risks are a part of your life. Do not get worried because of them. If you two emerge out stronger and closer after facing them then it is worthy to have the relationship.

9) Compromise: You both will need security and comfort. The give and take policy does work wonderful for a relationship. Support each other in each other goals, dreams and values. Remember with time everything changes so just change your approach. Don’t act selfish or stay aloof to gain control.

10) Don’t ignore problems: Sorting the issues as you come across them is much more comfortable and appropriate then delaying in doing so. Remember that men might not be interested in emotional conversations but they love to find solutions. Counseling is also a healthy idea which necessarily does not imply failure of you two or the relationship.

Research shows that five positive experiences erase one negative memory. Believe in forgiving. Give some alone time to your partner to balance himself out so that he can interact positively as men are overwhelmed by emotions easily. If it becomes impossible to forgive, take a break. If there is a lot of conflict in a relationship – too much pain, violence and abuse than pleasure, you must learn to let go. Don’t be clingy or dependent on your partner. Keep time to enjoy outside relationship activities.