Normally, a kiss is just about 3 minutes or less however a great kiss may seem like a lifetime. Quite a few men know how to get a girl with only a kiss, yet it can be done. The amazing kissing scenes we see when we watch movies or television are not fluff, a great kiss can easily be learned if you’re really into it.


Any woman can easily sense a guy if he’s into her or if he’s just having a good time. What I’m trying to say is you can only create a mind-blowing kiss if you have that true feelings for her. A kiss that is lusty in nature isn’t a toe curling kiss. It’s only the starting point to something more intimate. By this, you can always tell if it is a great kiss or just a lusty kiss.

An amazing kiss will surely make her feel like she’s on cloud 9 while the lusty kiss is just there to turn her on and have sex with you. So the first step is to give your girl a great kiss and make it the most wonderful feeling for her, not just sex.


Women have other sensitive parts too and the mouth is one of them. When you kiss her, make sure to touch her other parts too. Remember that it is supposed to be a caress, no grabbing or roughness at all. You can use the fingertips and gently run it down on her back, or you may carefully stroke her hair. Nibbling her neck and the ear is something that you can try also.


You may follow her lead. Lots of women give clues on how to step up things better or faster. Look out for her needs and never think that you’re just there trying your best to impress her. A great kiss is when you’re pleasing her, not grandstanding her.

A great toe curling kiss is simple and straightforward but leaves a mark on her mind to want more. It’s something that will surely take her breath away. Make sure you kiss her like it’s your last kiss on this world. If you can make it happen, for sure she’ll be the happiest girl living on this planet.