How to earn her trust is a very important thing to learn. It’s important for any relationship to have trust, or else the relationship will soon die. Trust is one of the most difficult aspects of our lives to earn and for this it’s really hard to give it to someone. It surely can take lots of time and if you or your partner has been in a terrible relationship before, then it will take more than that.

To gain her trust, make sure you start by doing simple things for your partner. These simple things are those promises you usually make and getting it done. When you say that you’re going to pick her up somewhere, be there. Don’t keep her waiting; instead make sure you’re the one who’s waiting for her. By doing this, she’ll surely greet you with a sweet smile and a big kiss, not the sour look on her face and attitude.

how to earn her trustThen after quite a while, all these simple things will add up and will make her to trust you more with bigger things, including her feelings. When she tells you something and pour her heart out on sensitive issues she’s in at the moment, listen to her. Let her talk and make sure you listen to every word she says. If it gets worse, then offer your shoulder for her to lean and cry on. Also, make sure that what she told you must be kept within you. Respect her as well as the things she may have shared to you.

You may also trust her with sensitive things about you. When you share personal information to her, it can bring you both closer to one another. You may tell her things that no one else knows about you. As a result, she’ll feel like she’s an important person in your life that you shared your secrets to her. By showing the sensitive and vulnerable side of yours is pretty much endearing when it comes to relationship and can really help build the trust. So make sure you keep the closeness between you and your partner.

Making good choices can also help build trust within your relationship. Make sure to do the things that can benefit the two of you. Don’t be selfish because that will only bring nothing but problems. Just think of her reactions when you finally tell her the things you have done. Will she feel okay about it? If not then I think you will need to re-evaluate yourself. Decisions are made not because of how someone will receive it but it’s important that feelings must be taken into consideration when making one.

Using touch is also a great way to build trust in a relationship. It can send lots of messages to your partner so that’s why it is important. I don’t really mean touch in a sexual way, but the simple touch like holding hands while walking inside the mall or putting your arm around her when watching movies.

Just remember, when you make mistakes, admit it and apologize dearly. Never place blame on others or make excuses about your flaws. Also, don’t be defensive when she tries to call out your inadequacies. She will just consider you as childish like a 5 year old boy and will probably run away from you as fast as she can. To earn her trust, you will need to be a trustworthy person first, always keep this in mind. Once you know how to earn her trust, you will have a happy and long lasting relationship.