How will you know if a man truly loves you? What are the signs to look for if he’s really in love with you? He maybe saying the words “I Love You Dear” but his acts aren’t showing anything. Or the signs and efforts are there but he just can’t say the words.

Now the above video is a two-hour recorded webinar (an online seminar) by Michael Fiore – a relationship coach and a dating expert who authored some of the most popular relationship and dating guides recently. On this video he tackled some of the most important issues  when it comes to psychology of men about love and life. The proper way to identify if he’s truly in love or just playing around. Just follow his simple 7 step process and you’ll be there.

You maybe asking who the heck is Michael Fiore? And why do I trust him my relationship problems? Well Michael Fiore is a dating and relationship expert who launched some of the successful online guides in relationship and romance like The Secret Survey, Text The Romance Back and the Text Your Ex Back.

He has a great knowledge about men psychology and the use of simple text messages in bringing the romance back within couples and in getting ex back if the love was already lost. He helped thousand of couples with their relationship and dating problems around the world. In fact he’s been guested in Rachel Ray Show and San Diego Channel5 to name some, talking about his successful and unique ways of rekindling.

Back to the video above, after an hour presentation on How to Know if a Man Really Loves You, he then talks about his latest online guide which is the “The Secret Survey – What Men Desperately Want You to Know But Could Never Tell You” (only available at WhyHeLies.Com). Then after that, he had a question and answer portion in which he replied to all the queries asked by women about their men. I suggest to watch the video above in full to know more about it.