It is true that a lot of guys don’t know how to flirt with women. Most of the time, they see flirting when they are having a conversation with women however this thinking is far from reality.

What most men don’t really know is the way flirting involves the process and the level of communication starting from the basics. Also, you have to keep in mind that when you are talking to a woman that you are interested in, be sure to demonstrate physical and sexual attraction. If you know the way in showing her your attractive personality, you’re through the first hurdle in establishing an immediate rapport. And this where the flirting starts!

man flirting with woman

How to Flirt With Women?

Now, if you still don’t have any idea how to flirt with women, then keep reading. In this post, you will exactly learn the 4 simple ways on how you can flirt with a woman effectively.

1.) Try to understand what flirting means.

Like what I have said above, most men misunderstand the process and nature of flirting. Flirting is defined as establishing sexual tension with women. The goal here is usually to joke and play fight along with her, make your comments ambiguous so it gets her interested, yet keeps her guessing, give her compliments in a cheeky way.

If you really want to establish an immediate attraction, you must start flirting the very moment you met her. This way, you are creating a positive sexual tension first up.

2.) Be funny and humorous.

One way to flirt with women effectively is being funny. Cultivating a higher personality status is the basic idea of being funny which then makes women work for your attention.

For you to become funny on her eyes, you must tease her to a certain extent, but not so much that she’ll think you are a jerk. Focus mainly to make her laugh.

Funny in this sense is more being witty with your words not acting like a clown. Whilst having some pokes at yourself is OK, you must come across confident, so don’t over do it.

3.) Make sure you bring sexual tension into conversation.

Make her think of you in a more sexual way when you’re flirting with her. That’s the reason why it is important to talk about sex when talking to her.

Be warned though, when talking about sex, it doesn’t mean that you must tell her that you want to have sex with her. What you must do is tell some funny stories from friends, about their sexual experiences. And whatever you do, do not mention anything you did with an ex.

Also, she doesn’t need explicit details of sex, your conversation simply needs to imply that it is about sex.

4.) Don’t hesitate to touch her.

When you make a physical contact, you’re establishing a physical connection which is a great way to flirt with women. If you break that barrier, you’re on your way to creating a physical chemistry.

When touching her, focus on the conversation and wait for the certain moments when she’s giving you a sign or at least some positive vibes to make a move. Then simply touch her when you make a point to something.

If you got her worked up enough with your word already a touch could create a great big spark.

Learning how to flirt with women is a skill that all men must learn. Women love flirting, it gets them worked up and interested, it is like making love to their minds.