Life has is its own funny way of hitting us directly when we don’t expect it. At some point, things are going well for us and then suddenly we experience a major change in our life or a relationship breakup. Families and friends may try to help us by giving advice and comfort (that depends on the situation). That may help a little; however, it is still tough to deal with. Relationship break-ups are the best example of this. It does not only affect the relationship we have with someone, but also have an effect on other areas of our lives.

breakupIt may seem as if everything you do only reminds the relationship you had with your ex. And if both of you have been together for quite some time now, then going out will become a problem to you simply because the two of you may have the same friends. What’s worse is that this may disrupt your daily routine tasks; in short, you’re a mess right now. And yes, the break up is causing problems in you.

At this point, you will have a choice to decide. Whether to fight for it and try to get your ex back, or move on with your life from what happened in the relationship.

If you decided to stay and try to fix things, then I have good news for you. Most relationships that are in trouble can usually be saved. But it may take a lot of work on your part and you must have a good plan within you. Yes, the relationship can be saved if you are really willing to take risks and do whatever it takes to get your ex back. You can find lots of guides on how to do it successfully, so pick one and make things happen.

If perhaps, you decided to move on, that’s great too. The very first thing to do is to let go of all the guilt you may be feeling right now because of what happened. You are the only one who can decide what’s best and what’s not for you. If this only means moving on and living with your life to the fullest, then so be it.

As I mentioned above that break up affects all areas of our lives, so it only means that you have to get over it. It may take a longer time for some people, but it can be done with the help, of course of your friends and family.

Breaking off of all contacts with your ex is a great start. The lesser that you have to deal with your ex, the better. This simply means that you will not answer the phone or checking your inbox of your e-mail or Facebook. But, what if your ex is crossing the line and doesn’t want to leave you alone? Then you will have to let them know that you simply want nothing about them anymore. If still, they are now stalking you, it’s time to get some help.

Avoiding to gossip about your ex is one more thing that you can do to get over a break up. Never tell your friends or other people how awful your ex was or anything that is negative about them. This will only prolongs your thoughts about them. Thus, never try to spread any gossip about them.