How to give a whisper kiss – this video is from the guys of Howcast giving a detailed step by step instructions on how to give a sexy and seductive whisper kiss.

A whisper kiss is a kind of kiss wherein you simply whisper sweet nothings to your partner while kissing them. This will surely drive them crazy and can be deadly sexy.

To do this according to the video, you will simply need your lips and mouth, your partner’s lips and mouth, some secrets to tell and a breath strip before you start the act.

OK, here we go…

First Step. Start by telling your partner a secret.

Start telling some sexy secrets you may have to your partner. It would be great if you already have the list in your mind so it will just be easy for you and spontaneous to get this act done.

But first, take that breath strip so you may have a clean minty breath.

Second Step. Get close to your partner.

While telling your partner your sweet little secrets, lean towards them and get closer towards their face until you almost touch them. Slightly, tilt your head and look deeply and straight in their eyes while doing the act.

Third Step. Whisper some words.

In this step, continue telling them your secrets but this time tell it in a low, seductive voice or by whispering. This will surely turn them on.

Step 4: Brushing the lips.

In step four, remember to brush your lips gently and lightly against theirs while whispering your secrets.

Step 5. Go for the KISS!

After teasing them with your sexy secrets and brushing their lips, go now for the big KISS. It will blow them away and at the same time it will feel great. It’s like having a toe curling kiss on that moment.

So there you have it, the five steps on how to give a whisper kiss. Try it now and give some color towards your relationship.