Do you want to know how to improve sexual foreplay? Well, here’s a quick tutorial video from HowCast on how you can improve you sexual foreplay with your partner.

Did you know… The British people spend more time in foreplay and the Thai’s spend the least.

In this simple step by step tutorial, you will need exactly the following…

  • A mental foreplay
  • A kitchen to cook a food
  • Some hot towels and ice cubes
  • And a willingness to experiment

So follow me and here we go…

Step one. Start by building an anticipation.

You may start the foreplay several hours before having sex. You may call your partner with some explicit messages about the things you want to do with them later to entice things up. Also you may try sending these messages in SMS.

Step two. Cook your favorite meal.

One way to entice a relationship is by cooking a meal together. This can bring you more closer to one another and have a great time. According to studies, those couples who cook and prepare food before doing it, report more gratifying sex lives.

Step three. Mix it all up.

Mixing the things up is important since you become more exciting and adventurous in the eyes of your partner. Never dive in and just go to point A, then to point B and C on the body of your partner. Try to experiment a little more, something outside the comfort zone.

Step four. Try to keep your clothes on.

Always remember to delay getting naked with your partner. Getting hot and heavy with clothes pushed aside and pulled up or down will make it feel more illicit.

Step five. The magic of hot and cold.

Experiment with some hot towels and some ice cubes into your repertoire, alternating them in places you’d like to kiss or stroke. This causes the blood vessels within the area to contract and expand, which brings a more pleasurable feelings.

Step six. Always remember what turns them on.

Usually, men are turned on by what he see and the women on the other hand are turned on by sweet words and sounds. So keep in what excites them.

Step seven. Stay focus on the quality over quantity.

Work on making the foreplay feels good rather than longer. As opposed to the popular belief that more foreplay doesn’t always result in a better orgasm with your partner, experts say that a longer intercourse helps better.

So how to improve sexual foreplay? Try these steps and your on your way to have a better and more satisfying sex life.