The more time you spend with each other, the more that you will get to know one another. Though this kind of relationship and bond is what people are aiming for when they’re in a relationship however it can take the spark easily from a passionate flame. Never let your own relationship become stagnant and boring. What you can do is make some adventure things or some mystery behind that can keep your man always interested in you. Below are the three best things that you can do to keep your own boyfriend interested in you.


Do Something Spontaneous!

In terms of new ways to keep boyfriend interested, staying spontaneous is usually a serious relationship saver! Every now and then, do something to surprise him. Doesn’t necessarily be often and may never be planned. Perhaps create a candle light dinner one evening. Use your own creative thinking simply because the chances here are limitless! If you are living with each other, this may be a huge problem. Having said that, arranging a little surprise for him from time to time may also be fun. You’re going to get a kick out of your well-kept surprise and will also keep him on his toes! He might even give back the favor to you also in a surprise.

Leave a little mystery behind. 

You can be open to your boyfriend on almost everything. However, keep in mind to not expose your entire soul to him. You can leave some mystery behind. Try to spend your time alone and every once in a while don’t spend too much time with him. This will leave something on your boyfriend’s imagination. And by doing this will surely makes him really interested in you.

Try to spend time away from each other.

Spend your time away from one another. Doing this, you won’t get tired of one another. You’ll also get the opportunity to speak with the other person and talk about exciting things. Simply being with each other each and every hour of each day will in the end get old, and you’ll start getting bored with the other person. You may prevent that by ensuring that you’ve got some time alone. When you spend some time apart, you’ll certainly miss and become needing to see one another.