Conflict is good for all relationships. It is a healthy and constructive way to make your relationship stable. So never feel shy whenever you feel the urge to blow up in front of your partner. Rather, tell him what makes you feel troubled. But make sure not to end up hurting your partner. For words are meant to hurt the most, especially if this is the person about whom you care about. That is why; you must make sure that you are careful with what you say. Here are some tips if you think you can do well by following some guidelines. Read them and then try them out in your relationship. All the best!

  • Avoid Being Offensive or Defensive

Being outright offensive or defensive in an argument will lead to outright opposition. This is definitely not something that you are expecting from a heated argument with your partner. So whenever you feel that your emotions have gone intense or out of control, just call for a time out. Refresh your mind and come back with some careful consideration and reflection. If the feelings that have stirred up within you needs time to settle down, then take a longer break time. But never leave an argument cold. This will give rise to more complications. Keep your focus on the point that you are trying to convey. Try to be convincing but never persuasive.

  • Try to Work Out and Not Leave Matters Dangling From the Rope

Accusations will make matters worse and complicated. So whenever you are facing a difference, try working on it. It’s not necessary that both the partners in a relationship will be holding the same viewpoint. But all that is necessary is a little bit of respect for each other. And this every people in a relationship wish to seek.

  • Play Tolerant Instead of Letting All Hell break Lose

Being tolerant does not mean that you are submitting yourself to being defeated. Neither does it mean that you are succumbing to one’s viewpoint. It’s just a matured behavior that happens with a genuine acceptance and the willingness of living with someone whom you find difficult. There are times when it is okay to acknowledge the validity of your partner’s position. That’s because losing to a person whom you love appears to be a trivial subject of matter that does not worry you the least.

  • Seek to Engage in a Fair Play

You will always know the buttons which when pushed, can get a person started. But try resisting yourself often. This is important especially if both of you are looking around for an argument of mutual consent. Calling out names and status to someone will not win you any favors. No matter how upset your partner makes you, never end up saying something that will push your relationship over the edge. The best thing to do is resolve the matter coolly.

The bottom line is, mutual understanding of feelings and perspectives will help to make an argument more effective and fruitful.