Making out with a girl can be scary for most men. It can be shocking and mind blowing to see a guy who just walk in a bar, approach a girl and instantly make out with her. You may think that the guy has some kind of special ability or superpower that’s inborn with him.

However it is not. The whole process of how he did it can be explained into simple steps that you can easily follow so you can apply the same techniques when approaching women. In this article, I will be explaining those steps.

how to make out with a girl

The first thing that you must do is understand the huge difference between a guy who’s really great with women and a guy who is not doing good when it comes to women. It is the ability to easily find the woman who is ready in making out whatever the place is.

This may sound a bit crazy but it’s really true. When you try to walk in a bar and approach a woman you like without ever knowing the signs, your chances of success is very low.

You must first know the ways on how to spot a woman who is ready in making out. After you have done this, you can easily approach her and be the guy that she wants.

Never believe in the myth that women don’t really want this to happen, especially when they just meet the guy for the first time.

Most of the time, women are as sexual as men are. This make out session usually doesn’t happen simply because most guys are really afraid to go for it. And the girls normally go home empty-handed or worse, become mean to guys in the bar simply because no one’s ever tried to approach her.

By simply applying this technique, you will learn how to spot the woman whom you can make out with in just 40 seconds or less.

You will find some indicators, especially if it is a bar setting that may help you in telling if the woman is really into it or not.

So what are the signs to look for?

The first sign to look for is when a woman looks down more often. When she does this, she’s normally accessing her own emotions.

Let’s break it down a little bit; when a person looks in different directions, he is accessing the different parts of his brain. These are called by many people as “eye accessing cues”. So if a woman is looking down in a bar setting, she is accessing the emotional part of her brain.

If, for instance she makes an eye contact with you, try to look down then back up again. In her mind, she’s saying that: “I have an emotional response to you looking at me and I’m looking down.” And if, for example, she tilts her head also not just the eyes looking down, she’s dropping herself physically and now showing submission. This can be a great opportunity for you to approach her and be the dominant guy.

If she reacts by looking at you, smiling and does not look away, this could mean a much harder situation. This literally shows that she is meeting you with head high and not showing instant submission.

When spotting a woman that you can easily approach and make out with in just 40 seconds or less must instantly take the role of a woman with submission. That is one of the qualities that will show you can easily make out with her.

If the woman is actively looking around to create an eye contact with someone is another quality that can be hard for you to handle. When a woman is engaged with someone else like talking to her friends and not looking away is a much harder quality for you to take in making out within 40 seconds for less.

Again, you must play a different kind of game when trying to approach her. You cannot just approach her directly, and start making out.

So try to look for a woman who is in a conversation with someone but looking around, trying to make an eye contact. When you approach someone in this kind of situation, the chances of making out with a woman is very high.

The way a woman move and the way she dressed are also traits that can reveal if she is into it or not. For instance, the woman is standing with her feet apart; about her shoulder-width will tell that she is standing in a dominant position and a stronger body language. She can be a lot more resistant and your chances are extremely low.

Rather, find a woman who takes up a much lesser space. The way she does this is her legs being closer together as if it’s outside of the group, searching around for something.

If a woman is dressed in a flashy and draws a lot of eyes towards her are not the girl you’re looking for. You may have a hard time seducing with her if you try to approach her.

She’s just looking for some attention and not the someone who’s looking to dominate them. The girl you’re looking for is someone who’s wearing between the “I don’t care” dress and the “Stare at my t*ts” clothes. You must try to look for someone who is in between these extremes.

Most women who are in vacation or who are new in town fall into this category. They usually don’t want to be over dressed or under dressed and really don’t have an idea about what’s the atmosphere inside the bar so they tend to come open minded. This can be an excellent opportunity for you and for her as well because at this moment she’s looking around to make some connections.

If you see this type of women inside the bar, wait for a moment and watch her for second. If you think that she’s kind enough to approach and talk to, go ahead. If not, I still suggest you try at least to see what happens next.

Now that you have spotted a girl you like with some potential of making out with you, tomorrow I will be discussing on what you can do to seduce her in that moment. So stick around.

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