Are you planning to propose your girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day? You must be searching for ideas on how to do it the best. You can ask your friends and colleagues. However, your’s should be exclusive and something special that your beloved will never forget. You must have thought of a thousand ideas to propose. But all might seem to be clichéd and old-fashioned. That is the reason you need to read on to get some cool ideas on the ways to propose…

  • Make it sweet. You can use a candy heart or make a trail of chocolate-made endearment. You can decorate the whole house for your lover to enter. Make big paper candies and use red and white balloons to decorate the interior where you’d like to propose. You can have a big heart with “Marry Me” or “I Love You” waiting for your lady love. She’s surely going to love this.
  • You can propose him/her in front of a crowd. You can go to a theatre on the Valentine’s Day. However, you need to make sure that you can do so at the theatre. To do that you need to call up the authorities of the theatre and ask for permission. You can take her to a play or a film that is about love or is a romantic one. if you are planning to do this, you must buy tickets well in advance as it is the day when you may find it difficult to get tickets.
  • You can recreate the first date with him/her. You should be at the same place and if possible, wear the same dress that you had worn when you first met him/her. You should make reservations for the same restaurants that you went to and the same entertainment park or theatre that you went to. Now, when the stage is all set, go down on your knees and propose! This is going to be the best idea ever and she/he won’t be able to refuse.
  • You can also take her to a romantic drive or set sail on the yacht. Here, you can spend some private moments with your valentine and propose her at the backdrop of a romantic natural setting. Practice the line that you want to say to her and you will be able to make things perfect for her.
  • You can also take her out to a restaurant and propose her. However, this is the most common way couples propose. However, if he/she is a foodie and love to be at a restaurant, this could turn out to be the best date ever. You need to book a table well in advance and make sure all the arrangements are made according to plan. You can try printing love quotes on the plate rims and on the classes. Dropping the ring in her glass of wine or proposing her before the entire crowd at the restaurant is some of the ideas that are definitely going to click. However, if you are putting the ring in the glass or in food, be careful, you don’t want it to be swallowed!