One of the most powerful ways to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to attract the love life you want is to take a look at your relationship values to ensure that you are moving in a positive direction. To get ahead, you need to set relationship goals that align you and your partner.

Begin with Goal Setting Exercises

You first need to make a list of all those things that are important to you to keep an intimate relationship. Be specific and concentrate on those things that you need to be happy, have a satisfaction, and be connected to another human being. Rank the list in the order of priorities. Keep the ‘non-negotiable’ at the top of the ranking list. Make sure that all the values you keep are those that are serving you in life. If they are negative emotions from the past then make sure that you avoid them in the future.

Make sure that your values align with your partners. If they are miles apart you will find yourself constantly arguing.

Make Your Goals Measurable and Also, Attach a Deadline

Setting a goal and then not being able to reach them is not a good feeling, in fact it is a sure way to diminishing your self worth and creating disappointment in your life.

You can avoid this rather easily, simply become specific when you set your goals. What, when, how much are all measurable questions to answer when you think about goals and targets. Although may require some research.

You need to stop worrying about, how it is going to happen. You just have set the goal and make a move.

goals couple

Ask for Help

If you feel that your procrastination or fear is stopping you from doing anything then talk to a friend who has similar goals, or to people that have already achieved what you want to do. This way they will be able to let you know what they learnt. Even better, ask them to become your accountability partner. You can also hire a coach who will support you in shifting your limits and your patterns. Click here for a coach!

Care about Your Well-Being

You need to do things that will help you to be calm and should make you feel cheerful. This feeling of fullness will be carried over to your dating life or over to your partner.

Make a Vision Board

You need to define your vision for an ideal partner you want to have, if you are single and ideal partnership if you are in a relationship. Think about the qualities that you are looking for. Put up this list at a place from where you will be able to view it every day. Make sure that you do something every day to move closer to the goal.

Hold a Relationship Meeting

To make sure that the goals are not forgotten, you along with your partner need to hold a scheduled couples meeting. During this meeting, you should discuss the relationship and also the status of your goals. Discuss the all those aspects that are going well as well as not going well. You should not skip any meeting ever.