Love changes everything in a person’s behavior when he’s madly and deeply in love. Just in a first glance, we can easily find and identify the changes within them. On the other hand, there’s no exact set of rules that can easily identify if a man is truly in love with a woman or the other way around. When we were kids, we tend to get contented with material love and as we grow up becoming an adult, we become more attracted to romantic love.

So, how to tell if your boyfriend loves you?

It is a must that you simply know how a person thinks when it comes to love especially if that person is someone that you’re in love with. Or else, the emotions that you have for that special man will just be lost along the way. So, in order for you to know if he truly loves you or not, you must interact and literally know him as a person. Simply by talking to him and giving signs that you’re interested in him and his personal tastes and preferences will help you a lot and create that connection between the two of you.

How to Tell if Your Boyfriend Loves You

The very first thing that you must observe in him is his verbal comments towards you. These may include the words like “I love you!”, “Take care!” or other comments that expresses his own feelings towards you. Make sure you understand the words he say and the tone of voice when he say those words like if he’s saying it passionately, if he’s talking from the heart or if he’s just making an artificial gesture with those words. I know it’s hard to find out someone’s intentions by just observing how he talk, however you must still try with the intentions of uncovering the real truth from his words. When he continue to speaks the same way and showed some interests in you, be certain that he has some soft corner for you as well.

So many people lacks the ability of expressing their own feelings by words, however they try to cope up with actions. For instance, you met someone who can’t express his feelings in words but he gave you a romantic gift that you can’t ignore to accept, you must make a compliment with his action and strike a conversation about the gift he gave you. If that person has a genuine feeling for you, he will do this act again and will give you more gifts in the future.

If a guy really makes you feel special by doing some romantic acts like giving beautiful flowers or taking you out on a romantic evening, that man surely has real feeling for you. He will surely try to make a call not just in casual hours but also in deep hours in the evening. The reason for this is that he wants to spend more time with you and likes to feel your presence most of the time. He may sacrifice his own friends and would like to go out with you instead simply because you value to him a lot than any other person in his life. You may also notice that he usually pays attention to what you’re saying and to what you feel. Even if you’re inside a bar, he will find ways to listen to your words and what you’re saying.

When you feel like he’s talking to you more than a friend and spends longer hours together with you, then it’s safe to say that he truly loves you. If that guy has real feelings for you, he will schedule his time and will find ways to spend some special moments with you. If you feel sick, just give him a ring and in moments he will be at your side, nursing you with love and care. If he behaves the opposite, then that guy doesn’t have a real love for you.

Other than all of these traits and characteristics, he will continue to show interests in you will passionately hug and kiss you even in the middle of the crowd and would like to have a relationship that lasts for a very long time together with you. So, if your guy has the same traits mentioned above, then I’m pretty sure you found your answer to the question, “how to tell if your boyfriend loves you?”