Alcohol and substance abuse have always been a major problem for most teens. Parents know that the cause of these issues may start due to curiosity of their young minds but little that they know that it’s more than that. Sometimes it starts when family are having problems like parents in constant fight with each other or they’re having a divorce.

According to recent studies conducted by “American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry”, the onset of substance abuse through the use of marijuana may start at age 14 while alcohol may start prior to the age of 12 which is very alarming. So even if you’re having problems at home, please don’t neglect your kids as they’re the ones who are affected most.

How can you tell if you’re Child is on the wrong path?

Below is an infographic presentation of that. Scroll down to learn more about it and how you can help your kid if he’s on the state of addiction.

Via: Newport Academy

5 Warning Signs of Substance Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

Though teens are different and one sign may show different from the other, however experts agree that the following are the most common signs of your kid on addiction. These are the ones to look out for if you’re suspecting a teen walking down that path.

1. A sudden change of friends and privacy – Using these prohibited drugs can take time and privacy. Those who are once open and suddenly needs to be alone for hours maybe using that time for drugs. Also, make sure you know their friends as sometimes teens are just being peer pressured to use it.

2. Stealing and increased financial needs – Using this prohibited substance can be costly and one way to maintain that addiction is by stealing or asking for more money.

3.  Grooming is way off – At times those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol have very little time for grooming. That’s the reason you may see them as if they haven’t showered for a week.

4. Very secretive on phone calls and text messages – They may use some codes for text messages that only they can understand to cover up their secrets. Be sure to look out for that.

5. Drop in grades and sudden lack of interest in his/her hobbies – It’s pretty self explanatory as teens who are in addiction tend to consume most of their time using the substance and its effect. And for that reason, they fail to go to class and the hobbies they once enjoyed are now changed.

Never forget that prevention is always better than cure! So it is important that you may identify a substance addiction from your kid as early as possible, before the addiction sets in.