This is a funny video from the guys of Howcast detailing “How To Undo Her Bra With One Hand“!

If you can take off a bra from your girlfriend or partner with just one hand, what comes next will become smooth as it gets.

On the video, the narrator explains the things a guy must need in order to master the act. These are the following;

1.) Willing Partner – This can be your partner, girlfriend or wife. Also, as an optional, you may use your friend or your brother for practice.

2.) The Location of Clasp – Whether if its on the front or back of the girl. Or no clasp at all for those wearing a sports bra.

3.) A Warm Hand – Of course no one wants to be touched when your hand is so cold. Make sure its warm first.

Then the steps are pretty simple, he just said from the video that in step one you must continue kissing the girl with one hand while the other is looking for the location of the clasp. First the guy must try it in the back, if it’s not there carefully slide the hand to the front and feel the clasp in between the breasts. If still the guy can’t find it, then the girl is wearing a sports bra which the trick is not applicable or no bra at all, LOL!

Untangling the Bra

One Handed Bra RemovingSlide the hand towards the back and feel for a thicker piece of fabric about 3-5 inches long to the center of the bra. That is the back clasp, according to him. (TIP – Make sure to make your hands warm first before doing the act. Remember, no one wants to be touched when you’re hand is cold.) Then remove the tension of the front or back clasp of the bra by grasping the fabric in between two fingers and squeezing the fingers towards the middle to release. It’s now removed!

Also, make sure to practice this act with a willing friend or brother of yours for a quicker and smoother removing of the bra. So, that’s about it on how to undo her bra with one hand.