Whether you were voted the class clown in high school or shy away from the spotlight, everyone can use their own sense of humor to help them find love. Joking and laughing together brings people closer and helps them open up about the things that matter most. Here are five tips for ladies and guys about how to find love using humor.

humor for love

Understand How Women Deal with Humor

Men and women both appreciate humor in a love interest. If you’re a woman, you’ll probably find humorous men more attractive than those who aren’t.

According to Psychology Today, in a research project females were three times more likely to hand over their phone numbers to males who made jokes. They found funny men more sociable, intelligent and attractive than other men.

Typically women prefer a love partner who will make them laugh over one who laughs at their jokes, Psychcentral.com says. Why? Perhaps because a sense of humor signals intellect and strength, traits most women crave.

Learn How Men View Humor

If you’re a man, chances are a gal who laughs at your jokes is more appealing than one who tells them. Spot two attractive women beside each other, and you’ll probably be more interested in the one who laughs or smiles at you. This might be because she’s suggesting interest in and enjoyment of your attention.

Males are more likely to use physical and active humor. If this isn’t you, though, don’t push it. Laugh and talk about what matters to you, and the right girl will come along. Don’t expect your love life to take an upturn, however, if you’re partial to sarcasm and ridicule toward others.

Fill Your Humor Toolbox

What should you do if humor doesn’t come easily? Grab a virtual toolbox and fill it with a number of tools to create humor.

If you’re male, one liners will probably come more naturally to you than they do to women. Find a few that work and store them. Stories about pets are great conversation openers and can be a springboard to humor.

Monkey’s screaming through food courts, sleeping ninja cows scaring a grown man and other funny animal videos are great tools for humor. Don’t overlook a positive reaction to a tool from a love interest. Take advantage of it. If your date liked the funny petting zoo videos you watched together, use them as a springboard to humorous adventures like a llama riding session.

Use Body Language

Humor isn’t limited to words. You can create it with your gestures, tone of voice and facial expression. Hand your love interest an object, then don’t let go of it. When walking, reach out to hold hands or link arms while you’re talking and smiling. Physical movement can be pretty overt. For example, make a move to steal a bite of food during dinner.

Know When to Stop Laughing

One of the biggest roadblocks to getting the contact information for someone you are interested in is trying too hard. This applies to humor as well. A prospective date will be turned off if you persistently laugh just to make him or her laugh.

Most people laugh when they’re looking for somebody’s approval. Do it too often, and it comes across as being desperate for approval. Also, there comes a time in every relationship when your love interest wants to know you can do more than laugh with them, but have serious conversations and connect as a potential couple.

Using humor to find love is a little like learning a new dance. Too much or too little effort makes mastering it harder. Use these five tips consistently and watch your love life pick up speed.