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family holidayA lot of families try to holiday together at least once during the year. Even if it is only a local weekend break it is always good to get away. However, some people struggle when it comes to holidaying with their in-laws and find that tempers get frayed easily. There are a number of things that you can do to make the family holiday more enjoyable.

Firstly you need to make sure that you are all taking the right kind of holiday. If your in-laws love beach holidays but you prefer an activity holiday then you need to find a good compromise that will suit everyone. If you end up sitting on a beach and not enjoying yourself this will not put you in the best mood and may cast a shadow over the holiday. The same goes for your in-laws. If your take them out walking every day they will soon be wishing that they were sunbathing on warm sands. Why not split the holiday in to two parts. The first few days could be spent relaxing by the sea and the second you could try something a bit more adventurous. This way everyone is happy which can only have a positive effect on the whole holiday experience. You should also make sure that your holiday is flexible. Nothing puts pressure on like having disagreements about which breakfast slot to attend. Try staying self-catering as this offers much more flexibility as to the hours you will have to keep.

Secondly if you are holidaying locally then it is a good idea to take two cars. This way you are not all bound to do the same thing or visit the same attractions. If you take two cars then there can be two different activity options and people can choose where they would best like to go. Despite this being a fantastic idea that will stop a lot of arguments and holiday boredom, remember that the whole point of a family holiday is to spend time together. Try to limit the days on which you spend time as separate groups.

Thirdly you should choose the length of your holidays carefully. If you know that you can’t spend more than a few days with your in-laws then make sure that you only go on weekend breaks with them. If you know that you could happily spend a little longer with them then book a week away and so on. A lot of people dearly love their in-laws but still find it hard when they are living in such close proximity to them.

There is of course something else to bear in mind and that is the feelings of your in-laws. As much as you may struggle with their quirky ways, they may struggle with the way that you do things too. As with all relationships there needs to be a lot of compromise and a lot of consideration!

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Sam particularly enjoys writing about relationships and travel. She draws much of her inspiration from her family experiences and long breaks in self catering cottages in Scotland.