There is nothing more alluring than a summer wedding. When the sunshine illuminates the surroundings, blooming flowers add beauty, and warm winds blow your hair, you can feel the excitement and love in the air. The mere mention of a summer wedding excites the invitees but if you really want to leave an impression, you need to do something extraordinary. And you can do this by choosing a startling invite. Invitation is the first thing that will tell the recipient the kind of wedding guests can expect, venues in London and the theme you have selected.

So, you need to choose something out of the box, something awe-inspiring but equally inviting. Here are some invitation ideas so you can choose the best one.

Evoke the Theme

While choosing invitations, don’t forget to consider the theme. Invitations are not just a way to invite and spread the word. You can also use them to evoke the theme and give an idea to the guests the kind of costume you are expecting. If you are having an outdoor wedding, why no choose a floral invitation. Beach and poolside weddings are highly popular during summer months. You can get invitations shaped like star fish or a sea shell. Alternatively, you can send the ‘message in a bottle’.

Choose the Right Colour

If you just want to stick to a colour specific theme and want a delicate and simple invitation, then pastel shades are the best choice. Pink, blue, and yellow are some soft and sophisticated tones that you can decorate your wedding venue with. For a more vibrant and feisty feel, go for bold shades like Citrus green, sunny orange, or aqua blue. Avoid any dark colours like black. These are virtually heavy for summers. Look around to take inspiration from outdoor features like sea, flora, greenery, and sun.

Incorporate the Seasonal Charms

Summer weddings look alluring and magical especially if held outdoors. You can incorporate the beauty of the season in your wedding invitations. Birds form an important part of the environs. So, why not opt for a ‘love birds’ themed wedding outdoors. Get love birds printed invitations or send your message in small bird cages. When real birds will tweet their congratulations, your ceremony will become even more special. Sun is something that we die to see in winters. To give a summery feel, you can incorporate sunset, sunrise, sun flower or other sun related abstract patterns in the invitations.

Choose the Right Paper

Though this fact is usually ignored, but your choice of paper in many ways reflects the mood of the wedding. For a summer wedding, you can choose handmade paper with flower petals pressed into them. Bond paper, recycled paper, and Vellum are also some popular choices for summer weddings.

Personalise Your Invitations

Wedding invitations should not just reflect the theme but also the couple getting married. You can personalise your invites with the pictures of the couple and their special memories. In the wordings, you can incorporate your favourite poem or a short romantic verse to express your love for each other.

Popular Designs and Accessories

Flower invitations give a fresh and appealing vibe to your much-anticipated wedding. If you don’t want printed flower patterns but still want to incorporate the flowery feel, you can choose scroll invitations and tie them with beautiful ribbons. Butterfly patterns also work well for a summer wedding as butterflies are the symbol of change and renewal. Tropical patterns like palm trees, hearts drawn in sand, sunset scenes are quite alluring options for summer weddings.
Choosing the right invitation is the first step to a successful wedding. Let your creative eye guide you to choose something that’s a little different.

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