is it true loveIs it true love – the age old question that everyone asks themselves from time to time. Do you really like someone? Do you wish to be with him/her all your life? Or are you in a relationship and wondering if he/she is the right one for you, with whom you are willing to stay forever? Before you jump into any decision, you need to make sure whether it is true love or not. Here are some ways that will help you to determine true love.

Wanting to be a Better Person for Someone Special

You might not care about your present self. You also might not give a damn about what others including your partners of the past think of you. However, when it comes to him/her, you just feel like doing the best to be a better person.

You Start Seeing Him in Your Future

In your previous relationship, you might have seen yourself enjoying the current moment and leaving all the thoughts about future behind you. Nonetheless, this does not happen when you are with your present partner. You start looking forward and thinking about establishing a family and home with him.

His/her Success Makes You Feel Happy

People by competitive by nature and so are you. However, competition does not matter at all when you see him/her succeed even when you have failed. As a matter of fact, you take pride in your partner’s accomplishments.

He/she is Your Go-To Person

Any kind of news, be it bad or good, big or small, he or she is the person that you like to tell first. You might be having a best friend and he/she might have been supporting you for a long period of time, yet you will choose your partner over your best friend.

You Have the Will to Make Things Work

There might be some things that you could not stand in your past relationships, but you see yourself putting up with those in the present relationship. You are always on a lookout to make things work even when there is no hope.

Reality Loses its Importance

You often might have heard, ‘Love is blind’. This is literally true. When you are in love your common sense along with your rationality goes for a toss. You start considering all the bad characteristics as something cute.

Thinking About Him/her When You Are Free

Whenever you have some free time, you can’t stop yourself from thinking about him or her. He/she is always there on your mind. These thoughts keep you motivated till the time you see your partner.

You Smile when You See His/her Texts

When your partner texts you, you start imagining his/her face, his/her usual manner of speaking, and imagine the tone in which he/she might have spoken out the words in the text. You immediately catch yourself smiling softly because you are in love with the person and can’t help yourself from expressing your happiness.

You Are Willing To Sacrifice For Him/her

People might be selfish in nature, but when they are in love, they do not think twice before sacrificing for that special person. If you find yourself doing this, then no doubt, you are truly in love.

Is it true love – hopefully our pointers have helped you answer this question for yourself!