People often end up asking counselors for definite tell-tale signs about cheating spouses. Sometimes they are so deluded by the small changes in their married lives that they end up wondering things which are not really there actually. However, a lot of times it is hard to just neglect the obvious signs but before you decide to confront your individual husbands or wives about the issue it is always recommended that you become clear and sure with ample amount of evidence. How can one gather this evidence? The answer is simple; monitoring applications.


Track and Record Calls

Do you feel you have been hearing hushed voices from the balcony or the bathroom? Maybe you feel your husband is talking to someone they shouldn’t be? How can you be absolutely sure that your mind is not playing games with you but in fact your spouse is cheating on you? Monitoring applications help you not only get complete call logs but also help you track the location where the call had originally originated from. Call histories are one way of finding out that your spouse has been recently in touch with but this is somewhat easy to get especially if your spouse is using a postpaid phone which generates a complete log history and sends it home by the end of the month.

With a whole market of monitoring applications today, there are also options of hearing on calls. Basically the application is able to bug the phone’s mic which means not only can you hear the complete conversations that take place, but in fact are also able to hear the surrounding conversations taking place. Basically, you can hear anything in the surrounding as long as it is in ear shot range.

Log Messages

Do you feel your husband or wife has been up all night after you’ve gone to bed chatting away on their phones with another person? Maybe you are right. But how can you be completely sure? With monitoring applications you don’t need to worry about ruining your sleep patterns. Now you can have complete access to whole messaging logs without having to put in the effort of physically going through your spouse’s phone. This service is not only specific to messaging services provided by your network provider but also consists of different services like Watsap and iMessages. Different monitoring applications that provide this service include:

  • TheOneSpy
  • Mobistealth
  • Qustodio

Track Locations

How scandalous it would be to catch your cheating spouse in a remote motel or hotel with their partner in crime? Scandalous yet exciting! This is now very much possible because monitoring applications help track your spouse’s location. Some soft-wares are built to send you a notification in case your spouse tends to leave a specified zone area. Others are made to work as a GPS for you; sending exact locations as your spouse moves from place to place even. There are also some that will keep a log of all the locations that your spouse has checked into. This way you will have enough proof also when you plan to confront them.

Access All Applications Remotely

This is probably the best feature any monitoring application will ever provide you. By accessing remotely any application you have open access to a lot of information. For example, you can go through your spouse’s email accounts without them ever finding out. Emails have been found to be one of the most used sources by cheating spouses anywhere. It is said to be more effective because it works quietly. You will also be able to go through their complete contact lists in case you feel your spouse is somewhat deleting their mails. However, most monitoring applications tend to save complete conversations and email threads on an on-line cloud which means you will have saved emails regardless.


Although marriage is all about trust and commitment and in this domain the concept of spying on your spouse seems very unethical and wrong, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. There is no easy way out of it and although it hurts for you to do it, but you still do it for the sake of your happiness and your family’s. After all, living in this fact paced digital world has its pros and cons.


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