sex gamesGetting a little kinky between the sheets with your man can feel naughty, amazing, and intimidating all at the same time.

Sometimes us women can get a little shy suggesting to our guy new techniques we want to try out, or devices we may want to incorporate into the bedroom.

If you have ever felt this way, you are not alone. Many of us women tend to keep our X rated desires to ourselves for the fear of rejection or embarrassment. However, there are some common kinks most women love that are a little easier to suggest to your partner which should help set the scene for a toe curling, headboard knocking sex session.


Most of us do it, love it, and yet won’t admit it. However, masturbation is healthy and helps to increase our sexual self awareness. So why not do it with your partner?

Why you may feel a little shy at first, almost every single man on the planet loves to watch a woman touch herself. It gets their primal juices flowing, puts a little fire in their eyes, and if you make him do it with you he just might explode.

The element of voyeurism involved in masturbation is what makes it so sexy and is sure to turn either sex on.

And what’s even better about watching each other pleasure yourselves is that you may just get a sneak peek into how the other person likes to be touched, how hard they like it, and specifically where they like it.

After all, knowledge is sexual power!

Take A Trip To The Toy Store

A few women I know are intimidated by sex toys. They think the idea of being pleasured by an inanimate object to be wrong. However, the rest of the women I know swear by them!

When incorporating sex toys into your sex life it is sometimes best to start off small. And I don’t mean ‘that’ kind of small. What I mean is, dip your toes into the sex toy pool by kicking things off with some flavored and edible lubricants, or warming lubricant. These lubricants help any woman to enjoy both foreplay and sex much more as they help to keep things, well, lubricated and slippery so you can slide in and out, up and down without ever having to worry about the pain that comes with too much friction.

Once you feel as though you have mastered the baby steps, start incorporating a vibrator into your foreplay. Men love watching you squirm, moan, and beg them to stop. It makes them want us even more.

And if you are feeling extra naughty you can always use the vibrator on his testicles to really send him over the edge.

However you decide to use these toys, you are sure to kickstart a serious sexual frenzy.

All in all, sex is all about pushing boundaries while still maintaining some level of comfort. If you are not comfortable with the way things are going, tell your man. You can always revisit new techniques and kinks another night, maybe after a glass of wine or two. And remember, you can always go back to positions and sexual acts that you feel comfortable with, make you feel good, while still making your toes curl.

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